Heroes of Rosedale


For years, Rosedale has existed as a stopping point for travelers between the kingdoms of Buckmris and Steadhelm. Bolstered by a grand orchard ran by the druid Malyon, travelers from all places west of the Ankarch desert have stopped in Rosedale for some reason or another.

But Steadhelm has fallen on dark times, and Buckmris has begun to isolate itself. War spreads across Taern, and ancient orders have found themselves on the brink of destruction.

Changes are coming to Rosedale. And change on Taern is rarely good.





Illness in the Orchard

Something has been causing trees in Malyon's Orchard to wither, and start bearing a dark fruit. Malyon and her druids have been able to curb the spread of the darkness, for now. But it's cause is still unknown.

Who is the Puppetmaster?

Someone is controlling a group of individuals, including the three goblins that attacked Rosedale with arcane enchanted gems. According to the goblins, he seems intent on attacking the town, but why?

Where is Billix?

An overly aggressive dragonborn, charged with the brutal murder of a shopkeep during a botched robbery, Billix escaped with the other inmates in the Rosedale jail after the explosion that tore a hole in it's wall. Did he leave town? Or does he have other plans?

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