Himtarn Islands


A group of small islands located in the Southern Sea of Fanew. Recently a group of scientists by the name of Electas have assumed control of the islands, though the citizenry have reached an agreement with them to let the outsiders conduct their mysterious work.

The Himtarn Islands have no distinct culture or race of their own, instead consisting of a populas that is known for its variety and collection of vagabonds; former pirates, deserters of war (the orcs of Bludchok'Hai making up a sizeable amount of the Himtarn population), and other assorted former members of Taern society who have "dropped out" for whatever reason.

Himtarn is known for its relaxed way of living, and generally upbeat but simple lifestyle that along with their lack of native residents perhaps contributed to their futile effort to stave off Electas invasion. Regardless Himtarn remains a popular destination for those who simply wish to get away from their troubles.

The Electas Resistance

A small but fierce group of Himtarn residents have formed a resistance against the Electas, though the wizards have put an effective amount of propaganda in place to gain the assistance of the Himtarn residents in aiding to fight any such resistance. This includes the promise of great fortune once the Electas are done with their "research" on the islands.

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