History Of Adosh

The following is a short history and subjective perspective by native historian, Al-kim Caravaggio.

Adosh is the name of our lands, called the Merdogian Archipelago by outsiders. Adoshi is our king, and it is from his name that our lands are named. He has always resided here as the warden of these lands, and now more than ever we are in need of his protection.

Adoshi is said to have come from lands far to the west. In his youth, if immortals have youths, he traveled the world learning and experiencing that which he could. He settled on these islands, he says, as they “smoldered up from the boiling ocean.” By then he was nearing his full size, and when he landed on the largest of the islands it was said to have looked as if a large golden mountain had erupted from the ground.

The form Adoshi keeps is that of the golden dragon. He dislikes taking a human form, he says, because he has no need of keeping secrets. So our wise ruler basks like a golden mountain in the middle of the great city Onnadi, ruling our islands with wisdom and caring.

Our peoples are said to have come from lands far away and lost to mist and time. We came here, says Adoshi, on little wicker rafts with nothing but crude spears. Our ancestors feared him at first, but he soon befriended them and helped them survive, and in time they worshiped him as God and ruler. It took mere centuries for our civilization to flourish among these shimmering islands. Our fisher folk now catch the silvery fish of the coasts while our island lords rule from white sandstone palaces overlooking island valleys and lakes. We are happy here.

This is all threatened by foreigners. We have thrived in peace together as craftsmen, fishermen, and merchants, joyfully taking part in the bounty of our rich islands. They are those who seek to make that bounty their own. Large kingdoms from the mainland, in a trade alliance, have commissioned a charter creating the East Selden Trading Company, an ill-named outfit of mercenaries, soldiers, and navy-men. They come to our islands to take our homes and to thrust us into slavery. We are lucky to have our good king, Adoshi, to protect us from these imperialistic invaders.

Adoshi has three children, birthed from a mother who long ago died or disappeared. Little is known about that part of his past. The children are Melune, the eldest, stoic and temperate, Haden, the second son, wild and creative, and Naya, the youngest, a bright jewel of a girl.

Adoshi - Goldren dragon, ruler of Adosh (called the Merdogian Archipelago by main-landers).
Melune – Eldest son of Adoshi, stoic and temperate, talks little.
Haden – Second son of Adoshi, spontaneous and wild, likes to create and to talk.
Naya – Youngest daughter of Adoshi, shy and timid, keeps to herself.

The islands currently have a caste system that has evolved from the tribal leaderships of the first settlers. The noble caste are generally the lords of individual islands or on bigger islands they are the rulers of cities. They are very rich, having a stake in all resources among their lands, and are the direct link of the people of the islands to Adosh and his children.

There are innumerable islands in the archipelago, some estimating to over five-thousand, but most of these are too small to be hospitable. The number of islands that could support any sort of life (being more than just rocky juts out of the sea) is more along the lines of seven-hundred, with a third of these being larger than a kilometer.

The largest island is Anderad, in which the city Onnadi sits. Onnadi is said to have been built into a crater on top of a mountain, and it is surrounded by high cliffs with very narrow paths, ledges, and sculpted stone stairs leading into its many gates. A waterfall coming from the mountains dips into the bowl and the resulting river meanders into the middle of the city where sits the lake upon which the palace has been built. This is where Adoshi resides with his children (though Haden is generally absent, having an insatiable wanderlust.)

Many islands are so small that only one or two huts or cottages are built on them. The inhabitants spend their time fishing or tilling small gardens, visiting their neighbors by row boat. Taxation is nearly non-existent, the lords instead collect tariffs on goods traded either between island or between Adosh and the mainland. These tariffs are one reason for the creation of the East Selden Trading Company, and their ultimate goal of controlling the resources themselves.

The East Selden Trading Company was created by a charter released by the merchant guilds of three mainland kingdoms; Bantelos, Thelerdem, and Kardengrad. Historically these three kingdoms have been at odds, and when they first started serious naval exploration and came across the archipelago, it looked like they would go to war with each other to secure it. When it became evident that control of the islands would not be easy, however, (empires often underestimate the power of entrenched natives and their large, flying, reptilian kings) they formed an alliance under the guise of a trade contract. Instead of merchant ships deployed by the charter, military frigates powered by slave labor and filled with flak-armor clad marine shock troops began to cross the seas to the island, beginning the first stages of what might become an all out invasion.

Adosh's main exports are fishing, spices, fruits, textiles, agriculture, and jewelry. The volcanic soil of the archipelago is perfect for the exotic agriculture of the island. Fishing is a mainstay, and most commoners do it in addition to their normal trade. The reefs, bays, and bights of the islands are filled with salt water fish as well as some marine mammals. Whaling is picking up, as well as spear hunting of a large warm-water walrus called an Urok.

Urok – A walrus relative twice the size of a full grown bull. Very aggressive.

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