Honest Nelvain

An elf, formerly a resident of the Kingdom of Dorthone. Has taken up residence in Lamascus and made a quite a name for himself (As well as a small fortune) as the preeminent bowyer and fletcher on the continent of Taern.

Honest Nelvain is probably most famous for his advertising abilities, using zany posters, and hiring crazy personalities to bark for his wares. Nelvain bows are known for being cheap and easy to get ahold of.

Unfortunately, questions have begun to emerge regarding the quality of bows produced by Honest Nelvain Industries. Honest Nelvain attributes the quality issues to a batch of termite infested wood, and assures the public that Honest Nelvain is a name that they can trust. However, the sheer amount of bows that break, along with the incredibly similar pattern of the breaks, lead others to accuse Nelvain of cutting costs.

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