Hope Nemeia

Tiefling Bard (Folk Hero) (DECEASED) - Keith in The Scarlet Thread


Hope came from a family of farmers living south of Rastonia, though she never had a mind for working the land. She much preferred spending her time learning to play the lute, and many a family member were often annoyed by Hope's musical practice.

But Hope had a knack for working music, learning how to weave it into a form that could benefit others. Inspire others. Using her gifts, she joined up with a group of adventurers, The Scarlet Thread. Her membership granted her access to a fair amount of funds…that would eventually be the downfall of the group.

When the Vadan Empire began to expand, Hope's family began to experience their cruelty. Locals found themselves subject to high taxes, where they previously lived on their own. Those that didn't pay were beaten, or worse.

In previous times, The Silver Scale would have protected this area from such a threat. But the Scale has fallen on a dark time, leaving no one to protect the weak against the strong.

No one but Hope. Hope started using her earning to fund a resistance. She funneled gold into weapons and armor and training for these individuals who used to be simple artisans. And the resistance started to push back.

The Scarlet Keep was raided because of this. Hope Nemeia was captured because of this. And she was executed in front of the Cathedral of the Trimurti in Solyn'Vada because of this.

Known Aliases

  • The Song of the People


  • Adventurer
  • Revolutionary



Long Term Goals

  • Deceased

Short Term Goals

  • Deceased
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