It's Not Meth, It's Murder

Adam GM (2/28/2018)

The Dragonborn

The party sits around a poorly crafted wooden table inside what must be the dragonborn's home. She said her name was Caitlyn. And that she likes to dance. This alarms you a bit… but also intrigues you.

"Has she been charmed?" Mal asks the group.

"I think we'd have known by now." Says Hanz… as he gives yet another suspicious glare at Franz.

The party discusses further, as Caitlyn, the self proclaimed dragonborn dancer, continues to hum to herself as she cooks what she promises to be a meal unlike any you've ever had. The fourth member of your party sits quietly to himself. Is it guilt swelling inside of Rikki Jankus' gut? Or pride? One thing's for sure, the others can't know what he saw (or did for that matter ) in the infirmary. The fifth member of your party… well… no one seems to notice or care that Tedrick never returned from his dinner date with Lord Kassadin.

Caitlyn returns to the table with what looks to be a tray of powder, split into 5 small lines or rows. She takes a leaf out of her pocket, rolls it, then proceeds to snort one of the lines of powder. "I overheard your plan in the tavern. It's going to take more than the four of you to take down Lissandra and Kassidan." she says. Caitlyn's jolly demeanor quickly turns serious. "Where's Rennan? I thought Rennan said he'd be escorting your group personally. And where's the other human? The poor one? You're no match for a succubus let alone an incubus too. But nevermind that. That's not why I asked you here to Rose Pike. You're here to work."

Caitlyn offers up the tray of powder. Only the gnome partakes. (drug gives +10 speed, immune to effects of exhaustion, lasts 2 hours)

Rikki, sensing an orgy may be afoot, leaves the house.

"What kind of work did you bring us here for?" asks a suspicious Hanz.

"The trade in Rose Pike used to revolve around precious minerals. But as you probably noticed, our mine has been tapped dry. Although we now use it for a different operation… Rubonite." (A meth/crystal-like drug, highly addictive, very dangerous).

The party inquires further…

"You were each sent here by your various guilds to obtain a sample of Rubonite, and to return it to your respective guild. Although without Rennan, this operation may be a little tricky." explains Caitlyn. "He was my broker… and my drug mule."

Caitlyn also tells the group that the drug operation in the mine is being run by the men under Lissandra's control.

As Caitlyn continues to explain, Franz notices a shield sitting in the back of the room with a coat of arms he recognizes. It belongs to a fellow knight of the Order of Gloryshard.

"Who's shield is that?" Franz inquires.

"That is Harold's." replies the dragonborn.

Franz recognizes Harold as one of the twin knights who went missing in Rose Pike. The Order of Gloryshard would very much like to know his whereabouts.

"Do you know what happened to Harold?" asks Franz.

"I imagine the same thing that happens to all men who come to Rose Pike. He's under Lissandra's control now."

"And what of his sister?" asks Franz.

"Ah, Lia. I'm afraid she is under the control of Lord Kassidan. Although she is his top assistant."

Hanz looks at his companions. "Boys time."

The group leaves the house.

The Doppelganger (Again)

Rikki Jankus, disgusted at the thought of an orgy involving the likes of a dragonborn and a gnome, walks outside Caitlyn's house to get some air. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a dwarf… that looks exactly like him. Ricky gives chase. The women in town take notice and remark how they've never seen a dwarf run that fast.

As Ricky follows the dwarf to an alleyway, he notices fresh tracks going into the back door of a restaurant. Inside, Rikki walks briskly past the cooks as they give him confused looks… almost as if they were having deja vu. Rikki makes it to the front of the restaurant, where he notices the dwarf sitting at the bar. Rikki continues to walk toward the dwarf, as if to walk behind him and take a seat at the bar. Although his real intentions are to get behind the dwarf, so as to get the advantage. When Rikki gets behind the dwarf, he sees that the dwarf has taken notice of him. Rikki orders a drink and makes his way to a table in the back of the room. The dwarf does the same.

"You dumb sonofabitch." growls the dwarf. "You need to fix what you broke."

"I haven't broken anything." responds a confused, yet confident Rikki.

"Rennan wasn't supposed to die. You need to get back to the weigh station and fix this."

The dwarf gets up and leaves the restaurant. Rikki follows.

Rikki tails the dwarf, who seems to be picking up speed as he makes his way to the front gate of Rose Pike. Rikki easily matches his pace, much to the chagrin of the dwarf. But before Rikki can catch the dwarf he is blindsided with a sucker punch from an elf who claims to be Rennan.

The Imposter

Franz, Hanz and Mal exit Caitlyn's house in time to see Rikki Jankus get punched in the face. They rush over and confront the elf.

"You were dead." Hanz coldly proclaims.

"We saw you die." agrees Franz.

"I did die." explains the elf. "But you must return to stop my death."

This raises eyebrows with the group. If the elf claims to be Rennan, why would he need his execution stopped? Is he not, in fact, alive?

The elf continues to bullshit the party, but they don't buy it. Hanz casts detect evil, and realizes that an evil aura emanates from the elf. Hanz pulls out his glaive. The other party members back away, unsure of what will happen. At this point several of the townswomen surround the group.

Hanz strikes first. And misses. The elf punches Hanz in the face. Franz notices that Rennan is beginning to not look like… Rennan. The elf's features begin to turn more human at first… revealing Lord Kassidan. But it doesn't stop there. Something about Kassidan seems… demonic.

At the sight of this, Mal casts sleep on the women surrounding them, and Franz joins Hanz in the fight.

Two of the five women surrounding the group fall asleep, and Rikki and Mal seize the opportunity to break through the group and head toward the front gate.

The remaining women attack Franz and Hanz, but they're able to stay the women off as they focus their attention on Kassidan. Pressing the attack seems to work, as Hanz is able to deal a final blow, decapitating Kassidan and breaking his hold over the women of Rose Pike.

Outside the front gate, Rikki and Mal encounter two of the female guards, who look like they're waking up from a dream. Rikki asks them if they've seen a dwarf. The women respond that they didn't, and actually don't remember much of anything. Using this to his advantage, Rikki convinces the women that he and Mal have saved the town with their healing capabilities. The women buy in, and become completely in awe of the pair.

Rikki whispers to Mal, "The two of us can live like Gods."

The four of them return back to town to see a triumphant Hanz proudly holding up the head of Kassidan.

"He was clearly trying to trick us into leaving Rose Pike." said Rikki.

"I can't wait to see Caitlyn's face." said Hanz.

"I thought taking Kassidan down would be a lot harder." admitted Franz.

"Seems like all of our problems are solved." said Mal.

"Well… We still have one problem." said Hanz.

The Prisoner


Tedrick sits alone in his jail cell, contemplating how he came to be inside of such a shitty abode. “This is the goblin’s fault.” He thinks. Footsteps approach.

“You are quite the ambitious one.” Lady Lissandra gives Tedrick a faint smile. “Perhaps you can be of some use to me. It seems my men need someone who can lead by example.”

Before Tedrick could respond, he was overcome with two emotions. The first, his undying love for Lady Lissandra. The second, the need to kill.

Kill Franz.

Kill Hanz.

Kill Rikki Jankus.

Kill the goblin.

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