A small town in the southern part of Taern, located west of Gribale and south of Lake Artera


Located close to the quagmire that is Dorthone, Jesnic has succeeded as a town by being a stopping point along the main road that runs along the southern half of Taern.

Has been protected by the local militia, lead by Abraham Goodspeed, and his Good Men, until they left to seek out a question from Edgar Lighthammer to aid the kingdom of Dorthone in exchange for protection by The Silver Scale

After Goodspeed's Good Men left town, the town was protected by mercenaries hired by the elf Kalias, until they met their demise at the hands of an unknown assailant. The aftermath of this has left Jesnic devestated, where all the children have gone missing and all of the citizens are paranoid. Worst of all, none in the city seem to be able remember who it was that assaulted the city.

Residents of Jesnic

  • Abraham Goodspeed - Half-Elf Warlord, and leader of the local militia, Goodspeed's Good Men
  • August Justicar - Dragonborn Paladin, and member of the militia
  • Door or Window - Tiefling Rogue, and member of the militia
  • Simon Hart - Human Wizard, and member of the militia
  • Thomas the Decent - Half-Orc Ranger, and member of the militia
  • James Randal - Mayor of Jesnic
  • Tucker - Blacksmith


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