Kings of Krell Caverns

Tragedy has been befalling Dwarf kingdoms all across Seldren. Dwarf prophets believe that they have angered the gods with their decades of greed and pride. Researchers have seen a huge uptick in the activity of monsters across the land. Wars have raged like in no other period on Taern, and many believe peace to be a long lost state.

A meeting of the Dwarven Kingdoms has been called in one of the last standing Kingdoms on Taern…The Krell Caverns.





  • King Kagar Stonecrown
  • High Priest Polar Lodeseeker
  • General Rock Bearward
  • Kreya the Stone Shaper
  • Steward Mikael Silvercoin
  • Sam the Scholar (Vaultdigger)
  • Theodore Tangiers (Vaultdigger)
  • Unnamed Vaultdigger (Vaultdigger)
  • Tok, Goblin Toy Maker
  • Buddy the Kobold
  • Gith the Guard


The Stone Crown - Patrick GM

  • Episode 1 - Country Dwarf in the Big City or That's a Hefty Sack You Have There
  • Episode 2 - Working Hard in Dick City
  • Episode 3 - What's On Tap?
  • Episode 4 - Pound Stonecrown (A Dark Ale)

The Returned Prince - Mike GM

  • Episode 5 - No Running in Stonehearth
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7 - The Short Life of Buddy the Kobold
  • Episode 8

To Woo a King - Nancy GM

The Siege - James GM

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