Kings of Krell Caverns - Episode 1

Country Dwarf in the Big City (Patrick GM, 8/26/13)

Or, "That's a Hefty Sack You Have There"

Or, "Opposites Attract"

The Kings travel to The Krell Caverns, answering the call of the Kingsmoot from Polar Lodeseeker.

"The journey up the mountain path to The Krell Caverns is a long one. The winding stone road seems to go on forever, and eventually the green and gray of the mountain gives way to the white of snow drifts.

Just when the cold begins to bite you beneath your garments, you turn a bend, and see it. The Graygates of the Krell Caverns.

The Graygates are massive, made of stone, iron, and steel and are said to be thicker than two brew-fat dwarves sitting side by side. They are a sight of comfort and welcome to many dwarves, provoking an almost racial feeling of “this is home”.

They lay open as a large amount of traffic filters in and out of the huge doorway. People of many races intermingle with dwarves, and most of the crowd seems to be a mixture of merchants and poor refugees.

Far to the side of the plateau you see a huge gilded carriage of sorts, pulled by what seem to be two massive bears with gold-brown fur. Golden circlets have been set upon their heads. From the side of the carriage a large dwarf catches your eye, gray haired and battle-scarred. When he sees you, he motions you toward him."

The Kings convene in the carriage and ride through the Gold District.

"The ride into The Krell Caverns is much easier for you than other people. People immediately make way for the great carriage, mostly because of the beasts that pull it. Soon the light of the sun on snow is replaced by the orange glow of torch and flame against stone. You leave the gates behind for the first and largest part of The Krell Caverns: The Gold District.

From the windows of the carriage you see a veritable maze of markets, shops, taverns, inns, pleasure houses, and booths. A vibrancy of color that many would not expect to see in a dwarven cavern is matched only by the smell of food, ale, spice, and the underlying decay that lingers where many people are gathered.

The cavern echoes with the hum of talk and shouts from vendors. Along the sides of the streets you see many beggars, many of them children or old men and women with scars or missing limbs."

They reach the High Temple where they are accosted by king's henchmen from Kagar, demanding they present themselves to the King of Krell Caverns as royal envoys. The party refuses, and are backed up by General Bearward. He leads the kings to a feast in the temple, with Polar residing.

He tells them of his plans, and touches on the issues of the various kingdoms, pleading with them to come together to accomplish the tasks to set the kingdoms on course. They learn of the animosity of the king and of each other's issues, the biggest being the falling of Garadal. Ori is noticeably silent on what issues his kingdom may have.

Polar lends them a base of operations, Stonehearth Tavern in the Gold District. A slightly fortified complex with a tavern on the first floor. They take to it happily. Then they split up to check different places of the city out to gather information.

Ori Vaultdigger goes to the Tomekeeper District to check out and case the Archaeologist Guild. Upon entering, he decries the probably priceless relics they are inspecting as shit and walks away disgusted.

Aglaina the Foesbane, Darrok Brightedge, and Rengar Runehammer explore the lower wards, where they are greeted with the misery of the poor and distraught. The search for Kreya the Stoneshaper, and find her via a bright eyed street urchin. They meet with Kreya, who casts Darrok's fortune and tells him he will be faced with three trials: two he will succeed in, though in one he will fail. She tells him that because she has told him, he will be able to choose which he fails, but fail he must do.

She then is taken aback by the diplomatic skills of the three dwarven kings, and opens up to them about troubles in the wards. She feels they are being ignored for seemingly "bigger" problems in the upper areas, and that some of her followers (shamans who do not follow Moradin) have been hung by clerics as heretics. They assure her they will look into it.

Osric the Moltenbeard goes to pay her respects to the king. She meets his steward, who takes her for a child before she tells him who she is. He is taken aback, but he takes her directly to King Kagar. Kagar meets her in his study, and they trade words. At first Kagar is rude, thinking she was sent as a jest in place of the other kings, though she rebukes him mightily. He backs down and they speak for a moment about Polar's plans, though she gives him no definite answers. She maintains civility and leaves with Kagar telling her to ask the other kings to pay him a visit. (note: they do not)

Urist Stonebreaker goes to buy a toy for his child at home. He asks around and a friendly dwarf points him towards "the secret of the Krell Caverns", a toy shop that is not owned by a dwarf. Urist is skeptical but checks it out, to find TOK'S TOYS, a brightly colored (and signed) shop where a goblin with a monocle, a nice suit, and a large handlebar mustache is feverishly making interesting toys and contraptions. Tok greets him warmly if enthusiastically, and when hearing of Urist's wants, shuffles through toys to bring out a strange round tin dwarf, that looks a little like a teapot with wheels. Tok tells him happily that if it is filled with water and then heated, the steam will cause the toy to shoot forward and twirl as if to dance. Urist approves of the toy and buys it. Tok tries to press him, as his name sounds familiar, but Urist rebuffs any attempts to be used as advertising. Tok also tells him that he can make other things beyond toys, with a wink.

They convene at Stonehearth and have their followers prepare the place for business.

The next day they convene at the Kingsmoot. At the entrance to the palace they catch their first sight of the Duergar: a large and sickly diplomat and a motleyed jester. Ori cannot contain his laughter at the jesters ridiculous outfit. The ambassador seems offended that Aglaina points out that at one point he defers to the jester for what seems to be advice. They go in.

There is a lot of arguing with King Kagar, who obviously doesn't want to have anything to do with the moot. After realizing they are going to continue without his help, he leaves.

Polar tells them of a tomb in the Wormpaths, past the mythical "Black River"; the tomb of Mora the Dragonslayer, dwarf hero of old and founder of the Stonecrown Clan. Polar believes that getting the crown from the tomb, as is said to be an action taken in ancient times during a crisis, it and the expedition itself will be a symbol that the Kings of the Dwarves are actively doing something to help the kingdoms, and thus help unite the peoples from within the make solving the rest of their issues easier.

Some of the kings are skeptical, but it is agreed that they will go on the expedition, though they wish for their journey to be secret until they return. Polar agrees to the terms, and to convince Ori more fully Polar agrees to make a gift of Stonehearth.

It is assumed during all of this that Gwil was tagging along doing whatever he does.


  • "With age comes gnome…" -Patrick
  • If I am a king, and he is a king, and I am not mad at him, he cannot be mad at me." -Ori
  • Regarding Urist's toy, while smoking a pipe. "I think we can put something in that…" -Ori
  • "Woah, where is the sunlight? Where is the hope?" -Ori
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