Kings Of Krell Caverns Episode 3

What's On Tap? (Patrick GM, 9/9/2013)

The journey over the Black River and to the Tomb of Mora the Dragonslayer was uneventful. The tunnels were long and dark, as always, but thankfully silent. It is at the end of the day that the Kings of the Krell Caverns finally reached it.

They found that a large ravine separated them from the tomb, deeper than any light has ever touched. There was an old and rickety rope and plank bridge across the chasm, and across that they saw the carved entrance of the tomb. From the flicker of their torchlight they saw the architectural accents of the ancient dwarves, carved perfectly into the rock to look like the front of same grand building of great importance. There are even alcoves to represent windows, though the backs of these are only stone. There also saw a huge double door entryway of stone, closed to them and the world for probably centuries.

Though there was no sound, all of them felt as if they were in the presence of some great power. Beside the bridge was a stone pillar or standing stone, with words etched in ancient dwarven script, “Only A King May Dare Tread Here.”

They crossed the old bridge slowly, one at a time, cautious and wary of it breaking. Luckily they crossed with no event, besides a slight swaying (though there was no wind).

At last the Kings faced the tomb. The door to it swung open easily and silently, a marvel of ancient engineering. They had a map, given to them by Polar Lodeseeker, and so they entered and began to explore.

On the map they saw six rooms, labelled: The Hall of the Dead (the entry hall, from which all other doors exited from), The Hall of the Spire, The Hall of Unity, The Hall of Great Deeds, The Hall of Piety and The Tomb.

The Hall of the Dead had murals within it, showing the ancient Dwarven myths of Mora the Dragonslayer, and the dwarves escaping bondage from unknowable entities. It also had doors to the other rooms, including a large bronze door with four locks on it leading to The Tomb.

The Dwarves decided to go all at once to The Hall of Unity, because the name seemed to suggest this being a good idea. They found inside statues of Mora and his Six companions, all facing each other with weapons raised. All across the walls there were murals of enemies and monsters, and directly behind Mora is a statue of an evil looking dragon. The party found that the statues had cranks in their bases, and these could be cranked to turn the statues. They turned all of the statues to face the murals, to no effect. They then faced Mora to the dragon.

Suddenly from out of the murals came wraiths, writhing masses of creatures charging right at them! But then, from the statues, come other wraiths, of the Dwarven Kings! They battled the wraiths, smashing them with hammer and axe. Mora, however, was grappling with the wraith of the wyrm, and seemed about to lose.

At this sight, Osric the Molten beard cried out and charged at the dragon's statue, passing through the wraith and smashing the statue with her weapon. This caused the wraith to cry out in pain, and gave Mora's wraith a chance to grab it by the jaws and rip the thing in twain.

All at once the wraiths disappeared, and in the statue of Mora's hand they found a silver key.

They went back to the Hall of the Dead, and decided to split up. Aglaina, Rengar, and Osric would go to the Hall of Piety, and Gwil, Ori, Darrok, and Urist would go to the Hall of Great Deeds. They split up and went their ways, then right at the door of the Hall of Great Deeds Ori split off and instead went to The Hall of Spire.

The Hall of the Spire

Ori walked into a rather spartan room, with a table in the middle upon which sat a miniature tower painted black. At the back of the room were four shallow alcoves, with rope hanging on hooks at their tops, as if things used to hang there. Ori picked up the statue, discovering that the statue was gold. Below the statue was written something on the table in ancient dwarven script:

The ancient ones came to us from beyond, where the many lights flicker. They brought with them chains of iron, wrought to enslave us. But in their power was corruption, and they were rotting from the inside. And so Mora came, and with fire brought us out of the shadow to freedom.

Ori then checked around the room, never setting the statue down. He pulled on the ropes, inspected the ceiling, but couldn't find anything else. He then pulled one of the ropes down and set it on fire.

The Hall of Great Deeds

Darrok, Gwil, and Urist enter this room to find a strange sight. A giant dwarven statue seated in a large stone chair in front a great wooden table. Opposite him was another great chair, that was empty. On the table were two large mugs of stone, twice the size of a normal dwarven pint (which is twice the size of a normal human pint). Darrok immediately approached the table, and the statue came to life. In a loud booming voice it said, "SIT! HAVE A DRINK! HAHAHA. CAN YOU DEFEAT ME IN A CONTEST OF DRINK?"

Darrok was already sitting down, and they both lifted their cups to their mouths and began to drink. Darrok went drink to drink with the statue, but on the third or fourth mugful, it got to be too much for the steadfast dwarf, and he collapsed in a drunken pile. To avenge his comrade in righteous contest, Urist pushed him to the side and sat in the chair. The statue laughed, challenging him, and they again began to drink. After two drinks, Urist found that he had drunk too fast, and passed out atop of Darrok. The statue began to laugh.

Ori heard the laugh from his room, and getting bored and disappointed with his room (and feeling a little envious that someone was having great fun in another room) he creeped out to find the source. He found it in the Hall of Great Deeds, finding the strange sight of Urist and Darrok laying upon one another on a great stone chair, and the statue laughing at them jovially. He entered, and immediately the statue turned to him and challenged him.

Ori sat down and was immediately taken by the magical stone mugs that seemed to refill themselves. The statue told Ori that he could have them if he could beat him. Ori seemed to believe this was one the greatest treasures he ever came across, and so lifted the mug in challenge.

He matched the statue drink for drink, and continued to drink even after the statue collapses. He seized the two mugs, checking them to make sure they still worked, as if not believing his good fortune. He also noticed a key tied to a chain around the statues neck, and grabs that. Darrok and Urist began to awake, and so Ori, clicking the mugs together, lead them to check out The Hall of the Spire. Gwil joins them, apparently having decided to be a spectator in the contest from some corner of the room.

They go to the room, where Darrok begins to repeat the different things that Ori did to the room, to Ori's annoyance. Darrok even sets one of the ropes on fire. The room got smoky.

The Hall of Piety

Aglaina, Osric, and Rengar go into the Hall of Piety, where they are greeted with gruesome sight. Down the stairs they were atop of was a large chamber, filled wall to wall with undead skeletons. They seemed to stand motionless. Across the room from them was a statue of Moradin, oddly small, holding aloft a hammer in one hand, while clutching something else in his other hand. His eyes were closed, as if praying, and there was something rolled up at his feet.

Rengar stepped down the stairs, watching the skeletons. As soon as he reached the bottom, they attacked!

A pitched battle took place, in which Rengar smited things mightily, and Aglaina and Osric fought by his side. Osric used her water thingy to great effect again as well. In the end, the skeletons were easily slain.

They stepped across the chamber, now coated with the dust of the reslain, and reached the statue. Then, behind them, the floor caved in, leaving them trapped on this side. They grabbed the key and the tapestry, and tried to find a way across. At one point Rengar tied a rope around his waist and tried to leap, though this failed and he had to pull himself up out of it.

Around this time into the room wandered the other Dwarves, trying to figure out how they got over there. It had been awhile, and the trapped dwarves were beginning to despair. Finally, they guessed that they need to have their eyes closed like the statue. Rengar went first, closing his eyes and leaping without a rope. He landed on an invisible surface. Eventually they all made it across with their eyes closed.

Hall of the Spire Again

They go into the Hall of the Spire, where together the dwarves figured out how to hang the tapestries (though having to replace the burned ropes) in the right order: Tower with Stars, Tower with Chains, Tower with Worms, and Tower with Fire. This caused some mechanism to click somewhere, and from the ceiling a trap door opened and spilled out a bundle inside which was the last key.

They took the keys out to The Hall of the Dead and together put them into the locks.

The Tomb

The door opened with the click of the last key, revealing to the dwarves a vast chamber, stepped on all sides like an amphitheatre. At the bottom was a stone sarcophagus, though what demanded their immediate attentions was what was laying around it.

It looked like the corpse of a long dead and mostly mummified dragon. However, chains had been put around it’s neck and legs, connected to huge rings hammered into the stone.

One of it’s eyes flicked open, and it spoke in a dry gutteral voice: “Maggots slither in the darkness,” it said. “I am slain but not destroyed. What worms come to gaze upon the corpses of time pass?”

The Dwarves are not easily cowed, however, and they have a heated exchange with the Dracolich. It seemed to like calling them maggots. Finally the subject of the sarcophagus was broached, and the dracolich told them they would have to kill him to get to it… or set him free.

Most of the dwarves seemed to be against this idea, but a couple of them wanted to hear the dracolich out. It said that it had no quarrel with them, and if it just let them get to the tomb, that would be throwing away it's only bargaining chip for freedom. They asked what he would do if freed, and it said it would go forth and find it's hoard, and gather it back together and begin to exact revenge on whom had chained him.

They never got a chance to ask him further, for Rengar (a cleric), activated his dragon ring, which allowed him to speak to Dragons telepathically, and began to insult the Dracolich. This was unbeknownst to the other dwarves. This caused the dracolich to go into a rage and begin attacking them, seemingly for no reason.

There was a dramatic battle, but the dwarves were more than ready for it. After exchanging blows, surviving necrotic energy attacks and poison gas, summoning spectral giant maggots and such, the battle ended when Darrok charged the weakened dracolich and split it's skull in half with his axe. The dracolich then lay dead, again, never telling the dwarves who had trapped him, why he was there, and why he was brought back from the dead to begin with.

The dwarves, not dwelling upon such things, opened the sarcophogus to find the skeleton of a dwarf in rusted over armor, wearing the Stonecrown that they saught, as well as a medallion around his neck, showing a mountain peak with two lightning bolts. Ori recognized this ancient piece of heraldry as being the device of Malus Vipertounge, one of the companions of Mora and also the ancient dwarf most closely associated to the Deep Dwarven subrace. This bothers Ori, who vows to himself that this information will never leave this tomb or his mouth. He takes the pendant.


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