Kings Of Krell Caverns Episode 4

Pound Stonecrown (A Dark Ale) (Patrick GM, 9/16/2013)

The Kings of the Krell Caverns exited the temple with their prize in hand, ready to return triumphantly to the city. As they descended the great stone steps of the entrance, however, they saw chaos across the bridge. There were cries and yells, and at least two people laying down, motionless.

The caravan had been attacked, by Troglodytes they learn, though Sam confides in Ori that something else was there, that they could not see. One of Aglaina’s retainers lies dead, apparently by his own sword, and Chelle is injured. A few others are also injured. The Trogs seemed to be going in the direction of the Myconid village.

After some quick patching up the Kings hurried on to the village. It was a sad sight, with mushroom buildings crumbled and scattered ashes in the air. There were some survivors, but there are more bodies than they cared to count. Rengar’s kobold companion shed a tear and squeaked tearfully.

They found Muchago, who was nursing a snapped arm. He told them that Troglodytes crossed the bridge not long ago, cutting and burning as they went, but he could sense another power with them. Something that clawed it’s way into his mind.

They leave the village behind, marching double time to try and gain on the rampaging force.

After marching for a long while they came to the remains of a camp, and could smell the stench of the troglodytes among the trash and scattered embers. From here, however, the trail came up cold. It was as if they disappeared. They did know, however, that the tunnel that lead back to the city was not far from where they were. Concerned, they hurried back to the city.

Upon reaching the entrance, they are met by Polar, who looks as if he hadn't slept awhile. When he sees them emerge, he cries: “Thank Moradin! I have been here praying for a day and night for your safe return. You have been too long. There have been… happenings.”
He continues:
"I will tell them in the order of their happening, starting with the day you left. Your leaving was altogether secret, though I did hear among my contacts whispers of your absence. There are many in the city who have been paying attention to you, Kings, and your disappearance was a tad disturbing.
The day you left was also the day of funeral for King Kagar’s wife. It came as no shock, as rumor of her death had spread since she had died, though there are many whispers of how she died. Not a few suspect foul play on the part of Kagar. The funeral was small and private, and Kagar made no appearance to the public, as is expected of a King during such a tragic event.

Then, there have been disappearances among the wards. I have sent men I trust, clerics wholly devoted to the faith, to seek out information of the hangings that you told me of. What they found instead is that there have been people turning up missing, more so than usual anyway. That investigation has turned up cold because the wards do not trust us, for good reason if they believe we to be the cause of the hangings.

That is not the strangest thing, my friends. For this very morning things have happened. There had been a break in at Stonehearth, late at night, though I am told nothing had been taken. Also the Deep Dwarven ambassador, free of his strange sickness as of late, has been in long secret meetings with Kagar. And then, just an hour ago, Kagar has announced the return of his wayward son.

He wishes to speak with you, as well. Be wary, my friends.

For now, however, I suggest you rest. I will send word out of your return. You holding the Stonecrown gives you a substantial tool in whatever power game Kagar seeks to play. When you walk to his palace it will be among the cheers of the citizens. It will certainly be your day."

The dwarves return to Stonehearth to find it bustling with activity, apparently having been made open for business by their followers in their absence. They speak with the followers about the break in, and when finding out that it happened whilst everyone was sleeping off a drunk, Urist lays down the law. "This is a fortress. Defend it!" The Vaultdiggers, not used to being spoken to in this way, look to Ori for help. He has none to give. They sheepishly affirm that they will set a night watch.

The kings decide it time to reveal their prize a little early, and start to announce that they've found the Stonecrown. It doesn't stick at first, with some being confused and others not really believing. Osric, however, proves to be quite persuasive (and scary) and wearing the Stonecrown manages to get the crowd to go along with it. Soon cheers of STONECROWN! are heard throughout the tavern, and the place gets crazy with merriment. Osric is passed about on people's shoulders and the dwarves are having a grand old time.

Ori scans the crowd for anything peculiar, with his mind still on the break in. He spots an older dwarf, not cheering, and inching his way to the door of the tavern, as if trying to cover his leaving under all of the excitement. Ori motions toward Darrok and Urist, who make their way to the dwarf and grab him. They ask him how much he's had, and he says nothing.

"It's a sixteen drink minimum!" yells Darrok, and they sit him down in a chair. In the meantime Ori had went to the back to speak to Aglaina about, and she comes out from behind the bar disguised as a bar wench, carring a large pitcher of some of Ori's special brew.

The dwarf is frightened, not knowing what exactly he is in for, but drinks are poured for all at the table, and he is forced to partake. The brew is particularly strong, and burns like fire. He is only three cups in when he is obviously sloshed, and Aglaina still disguised manages to seduce the dwarf into blabbing out information. Which he starts doing.

Meanwhile, Ori is working the crowd, thanking people for coming, and nonchalantly asking if anyone knows of the dwarf. One older dwarf, a grizzled veteran, says that he used to work in the palace as a guard, and he's seen the dwarf in there many times. That was near on five years ago. Ori asks if the man wants a job, seeing as he is now retired, and the dwarf happily offers to work for free (though he does ask for ale), because he doesn't have a hobby.

Bakc at the table, in a dramatic loud whisper, the now drunk dwarf says, "I'm the spymaster for the king!" and then he laughs himself silly. He goes on to say that he's been assigned to watch the "kings", though he then starts to get nervous, believing that he's said too much. He stands to go, and from behind Rengar brains him with a hammer.

The unconscious dwarf is taken into the back, where he is searched. A note is found, indicating to him that he is to watch the kings and wait for an oppurtunity to search for "the item". The note is not signed. Urist decries the dwarf as the worst spy ever.

He is dumped into an alley and quickly forgotten.

The next day…



  • "Chief Dick Turned On Us!" -Rengar
  • "Dick City is facing hard times right now." -Aglaina
  • "How much will it cost us to arm the citizenry?" -Regnar. Ori, incredulous: "What???"
  • "I'm kind of a big deal" -Moltenbeard
  • "Behold…THE STONE CROWN! No…REALLY!" -Moltenbeard
  • "There is a sixteen drink minimum in this tavern." -Darrok
  • "Oh I love a deep secret" -Aglaina
  • "I want to try to finagle him up to the room." -Aglaina
  • "I've only had like, five…" -Moltenbeard
  • "Our party is called The Swinging Dicks. Let's go get tattoos." -Ori
  • "This is a serious part of the campaign. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't giggle when you say Dick City" -Patrick
  • "I'm going to take you outside right now…" -Ori
  • "There is only one thing I want to do right now. I want to pound. Stonecrown. Outside, right now." -Ori
  • "You're about to get kicked out of the swinging dicks. I just see a flaccid little baby penis." -Ori
  • "You are partially responsible for his state of mind." -Moltenbeard, to Ori
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