Kings of Krell Caverns - Episode 5

No Running in Stonehearth (Mike GM - 9/23/13)

Business Doubles at The Double Dwarf
The news spread quickly. This dwarf named Ori ("the digger of vaults" as he is known amongst the common dwarf) challenged King Kagar Stonecrown to a fight outside where he would proceed to "POUND STONECROWN".

Pound Stonecrown (a dark ale) is now the fastest growing brew in all of Taern. And The Double Dwarf is packed tonight, as it is every night. The dwarves of the Krell Caverns come out every night, celebrating the new Kings of Krell Caverns. They don't understand the politics. They don't know how or if this will effect their lives. But for right now, in this moment as they Pound Stonecrown, they celebrate the new and the now.

King Kagar couldn't be anything but miserable at this point. And oddly, Ori Vaultdigger hasn't joined in the celebration, even as he (and the rest of the Kings) have become increasingly rich individuals. Both from their business at The Double Dwarf, but also in power. The political power players of the Krell Caverns took notice of King Kagar's reliance and denial of their traditions. His dismissal of the Stonecrown's appearance an insult to the old guard, his dismissal of these new brave and adventurous Kings an insult to the new guard.

Meanwhile Ori has been seeking solace away from the other kings. Finding this odd, Gwil and Urist do a bit of sneaking and see the King of Traeoric speaking privately with Princess Chelle. As far as the other Kings knew she had returned to her Kingdom of Reshe, but is instead in a back room of Stonehearth pacing as her and Ori speak in hushed tones. She seems quite troubled and her face full of anger. Before Gwil and Urist could sneak closer to listen in, one of the two nameless Vaultdiggers yells for Ori, "There's a problem up front. Gith the Guard wants to talk to you!" Ori turns to walk back into The Double Dwarf and Chelle is gone, back into the shadows.

Ori is told that Gith the Guard wants a word, and uncharacteristically barks out at the Vaultdigger, "You interrupted me for the doorman!" He asks for Gwil and Urist to go see what "the doorman" wants, seemingly taking no notice of their standing so close to his secret meeting with Chelle.

Up front the two kings find Gith a wreck, as he looks totally unprepared for his role as the gatekeeper to one of the most popular bars in all of Taern, and he says as much. "I can't handle this!" The kings offer him an actual wage starting with a sack of gold from Gwill's cow profits and yet another free Pound Stonecrown from Urist, but he refuses, insisting he just wants to live a quiet, stress-free retired life. However, Rengar through some card-playing, and Aglaina with her flirting about the bar, hear otherwise. Apparently Gith the Guard has gotten his old job back, as a guard at the palace. They proceed to join the conversation with Gith the Guard.

An argument starts between Rengar and Gwill over Gith's work ethic, until eventually Rengar relents and complements on Gith for "busting a sweat as you watch people come through the door". Gith insists that he's "busting his ass here." Before things get too heated the group sits down to celebrate Gith's career advancement, but when the guard asks to pound another Stonecrown as he ogles Aglaina's breasts, Rengar punches him in the face. However Gith the Guard is unmoved, and asks again simply for "my beer?" King Runehammer decides to grant him his wish and dumps a beer over Gith's head. In return the guard starts wringing the sweet nectar of the gods out of his beard. Rengar is puzzled that a punching didn't take and seems at a loss on how to continue this interrogation. Gwill encourages another punching and offers a thousand gold to whoever can knock Gith out, but five thousand to Gith if he can withstand five punches. Rengar again hits Gith like a girl, and the guard calmly throws a glass at the "servant boy" Darrok who has been picking up around the bar the whole time. Darrok catches the glass with finesse and the former employee of The Double Dwarf is swiftly knocked out as he is unaware of the incoming punch from a random drunkard who has taken up Gwill's bet. Agalaina insists on taking Gith up to her room of pleasure and pain.

Osric the Moltenbeard has decided to watch the door as the kings continue to interrogate their former employee. However being a child he is rarely noticed by the dwarves who keep piling in, and when he is they ask him where his parents are. Their concern is only a passing thought though as they proceed to the bar to get drunk.

Ori comes out of the back and apologizes to the Kings and the Vaultdiggers, saying that now that he is not dungeon diving, his mind is back on his family in Traeoric. Even though he has not seen them in decades, he must return and find out the fate of his family. He plans to leave early under cover of darkness so as to not give Kager the chance to undermine what the Kings are trying to do in the Krell Caverns. "Although I may have done that with the exchange I had with Kager," Ori allows.

Urist replaces Osric at the door so The Double Dwarf isn't in violation of a fire code and manages to maintain good relations with the uglies that he won't allow in to the hotspot that his tavern has become. Gwill attempts to entertain the crowd with some rousing bar songs that eventually get brutally depressing as the night goes on. Thankfully most of the patrons are already drunk or Gwill's music would make them reconsider their lives. The kings debate on hiring a band or if Gwill simply just needs more cowbell, but they decide to sleep on it.

Rengar refuses to sleep in the same room with Buddy the Kobold, and gives up his bed, while King Runehammer takes a stained booth in the bar as his bedding for the night. Before bedtime little Buddy asks for money from his adopted father. When Rengar asks why, Buddy says for doing his chores.

"But you didn't have any chores? Who gave you chores?" King Runehammer asks his son.

"The mean one," Buddy says, "The one who drops things all the time." Rengar immediately thinks of the glass handling Darrok. "When people make sick," Buddy continues, "I have to clean up."

"How much did he offer to pay you?" Rengar sighs.

"Enough to buy a toy today," the little kobold replies. Rengar hands over some money and decides to have a word with Darrok. Little Buddy smiles wide and says, "Thank you papa." The little kobold goes to sleep that night covered in vomit, dirt, and grime, all the while dreaming of the toy he will buy tomorrow.

The Vault of Stonehearth
The Kings awake to a girlish scream. One of the Vaultdiggers comes running out of The Vault at Stonehearth with a pea-coat. "There's a slight chill this morning! Ori always gets so excited for the first day of the year that allows him to wear a pea-coat." He runs out of The Double Dwarf as if his life depended on it, which may be an extreme reaction, but there is definitely a chill in the air and quite a draft as both the front and back doors of The Double Dwarf are open. The sun has not risen, and the Kings have no idea how long Ori has been gone, but they can't be bothered by that now because… The Stonecrown is gone.

The other Vaultdigger explains that he went through the same procedure as he does every night. After closing, and every last copper piece has been counted, the two Vaultdiggers put in the night's earnings (divided into twelve piles: a cut for each of the eight Kings, one for the employees pay, one for supplies, one for rainy day savings, and one for "all the pretty ladies who drink free" which was Ori's idea) and placed the Stonecrown back in its place (as it is often displayed when the party atmosphere in the bar starts to die down). "The Stonecrown was sitting RIGHT THERE last night," the other Vaultdigger explains, pointing to the center of the room on old barstool that didn't fit the "bar aesthetics" according to Ori.)

Quotes of the Session:
Your beard isn't long enough, come back tomorrow -James

You disappear up to that room and every bar patron is like, one day that will be me -mike

I want to get the cloak off…and check for a pulse -rengar

You want to play with him? In regards to the dead vault digger rengar, to buddy

No running, our one rule

He is ready to be taken to the room where you are touched, and prodded, and made to feel less of a man -mike

"Pay no attention to your bloody friend here" -gwil "oh my god…"-vault digger

I have been promoted above such things -Sam

I know what happens when she is alone in a room with someone. The rope collection comes out. -James

What kind of toy have you bought my son? -rengar
We will cut to you, before Shane screws up this father son moment.

Gwil, the bard "only the vault diggers have keys? Guess we will have to kill the vault diggers"

Sam" I could use a Stonecrown." James " I bet you could. Now move this desk."

"He's really going to like this then…" Goblin toymaker
It's actually a series, and it looks like the same damn dwarf -mike

Shane to Jessica "Snitches get stitches."

In regards to he stolen crown "let's make another sign."

Everybody hates polar

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