Kings of Krell Caverns - Episode 9

The Game (Nancy GM, 10/21/13)

or, Shall We See the Lady of the House?

The Suitors:
Kinic Mosum: Gnomish Psion, scholar, gentleman. As a scholar, he is of feeble to moderate wealth.

Edward Geinard: An elf who lives on the land that's been in his family for generations, with his mother. Who has been dead for almost a generation. He also collects many a salted vagina. His mother's is silver. He live a simple life, but has inherited a small bit of wealth if the right lady comes along.

Arjhan: A dragonborn wizard from faraway Adosh. He cruises around on his loaded pleasure barge, generally spending his time getting fed grapes by my air elementals. He has come to Dulurin to add another bauble to his collection.

Marquis Razvan D'Krov: An Eladrin vampire, he is haughty and cold and has always wondered if Dwarves taste like dirt. He thinks it deliciously perverse that he, a fallen Eladrin, should be pursuing any dwarf, king or no.

Nuphar Gleamquarry: A druid, he is a somewhat effeminate noble of Dulurin. He can turn into a peacock and is a confirmed bachelor.

As the day begins in the great city of Dulurin, each of our adventurers awakens and begins to go about his day- gardening, visiting the library, and visiting the market plaza are a few of the activities our gentlemen engage in this morning. After gathering what information they can, and readying themselves for the day, they each make their way to the palace in hopes of meeting with the King.

The suitors trickle in to the palace, some with more difficulty than others, and await their opportunity to have an audience with King Aglaina. To their chagrin, she only agrees to meet with them as a group- Arjhan is particularly offended by this state of affairs. Each suitor is given an opportunity to present his reasons for paying court to the King, and they are given a task which they must complete if they hope to continue courting the King- they are asked to seek out two guard officers who rose through the ranks of their respective households suspiciously after the death of the King's mother, Lady Olain. Garrin is first lieutenant in the household of Aglaina's sister, Gaena, while Agma is captain in the household of Clan Grannud.

Tasked with seeking out information on the death of the King's mother, the adventurers depart to find two guard captains in the city. Razvhan and Edward immediately go to the Gaena's home to attempt a meeting with Agma. Edward is thwarted at the gate, and flees, leaving behind the book which was a precious memento from his dear mother. Razvhan transports himself into the home, ending up in the locked cheese vault. Upon appearing, Razvhan decides to partake of some of Gaena's cheeses, selecting a perfect pairing for his bottle of Chardonnay. When the guards come in to investigate the odd rustling noises, Razvhan trips over a wheel of cheese while attempting to hide, and is promptly whisked away to the dungeons. While in the dungeons he encounters another prisoner who only mutters the same words over and over: "Aldrid no! Don't harm Olain."

Meanwhile, Kinic's attempts to secure a meeting with Agma result in an appointment six weeks hence and Arjhan and Nuphar have gone to the marketplace in an attempt to ferret out information on the captain and the clan she serves. Arjhan's attempts are met with some resistance, but he does manage to get a shop owner to divulge where he may find Agma.

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