Port city on the north eastern shore of Taern


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  • Cap'n Jack - A man who thinks he's a pirate ("the first pirate to brave the beaches and become the first beach pirate!") and hopes to further that idea by overdoing the pirate garb (huge floppy hat, two eyepatches that reside on his forehead and are used at his leisure), and also speaking in terrible "piratese". In actuality, Captain Jack is a bootlegger on the shores of Lamascus. Was on a quest to find a man named Werric for providing him a poisoned batch of alcohol that has not gone over well with his customers, but after a scuffle and failed attack on the town of Buildar, is now braving the waters again as a "river pirate" and advance scout of Buildar. Still doesn't like Werric but respects a man who merely beats him and doesn't take an eye… though he knows that day will come; that's why he has the two eye patches.
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