Lenwe' Eledwen

Elven Ranger


A member of the Crimson Strand, Lenwe' was from the kingdom of Dorthone. He originally left Dorthone under the leadership of Amras Elenesse'. At this point in time, The Crimson Strand was considered to be disbanded for unknown reasons. Lenwe' followed his people to the Mountains of Misplacement. He was later dispatched to investigate the abduction of Princess Thedra as well as the assassination of King Eldros Elenesse'. It was also believed that he was investigating the missing funds from Dorthone's treasury that mysteriously disappeared during the Great War.

It is assumed that Lenwe' regrouped with the Crimson Strand when he left the mountains. For reasons unknown, he never made contact with the refugee elves ever again. Lenwe' met his fate on Cap'n Jack's ship, when he fell off in a scuffle with Buildar's heroes and was left to the mercy of the dolphin boys lurking in the waters.






Champion of Dorthone & member of the Crimson Strand.


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  • Falgar - Member of the Crimson Strand
  • Orz - Member of the Crimson Strand
  • The Elves of Dorthone


Long-term Goals

Uncover the truth behind the abduction and assassination of the Elenesse' royal family.

Short-term Goals

Aid the Crimson Strand in its attempt to fight corruption.


The City of Buildar

  • Episode 1 - Settling in Buildar (Mike GM 10/21/08)
  • Episode 8 - Cap'n Jack & The Crimson Strand (Keith GM - 11/12/08)
  • Episode 11 - Last Stand of The Crimson Strand (Adam GM - 11/25/08)*Mentioned*
  • Episode 17 - Ellias' Redemption (Adam GM - 1/14/09)*Mentioned*
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