A large metropolis on the southwestern coast of the continent of Selden. The very definition of wealth, the city of Lindure exists solely as a location to gather, use, and lose large fortunes. Home to casinos, operas, and any other extravagance the mind can imagine, the city of Lindure tempts all with it's luxury.


Lindure was not always the city it is today. As short as two hundred years ago, the city was nothing more than a small fishing settlement. It's residents braved the dangers of the Starfall Ocean to make a meager living, catching enough fish to feed their family, and sold the leftovers to nearby farmers. All of that changed when, while digging a well, Allister Falkland dug into one of the largest gold deposits ever discovered.

Soon, people from every stretch of the continent of Selden were showing up to try to stake their claim. Even members of the savage men of the North, and members of the nomad clans of the East, began to show up in the city. The original 140 residents of the town capitalized, making huge fortunes by preying on the newcomers. Even to this day, the descendants of the original 140 own much of the city.

It didn't take long for the gold to dry up, but by the time it did, the citizens of Lindure didn't need the gold. They had developed the city into a place of wealth. And places of luxury, if developed correctly, become self-sustaining. The city built out, becoming a sprawling metropolis of culture and entertainment. The finest scholars were brought into the city, and given near limitless funding, all to help the city. Soon the unique form of geomancy that they had developed allowed the city to expand in ways no one could have foreseen. Land was developed in the shallows of the Starfall Ocean, creating large expanses of private islands. Buildings were developed upwards, not outward, reaching the tips of the sky. Who knows what other developments the scholars of Lindure have developed, only to be kept secret by those holding the keys to the city.

Season One


Episode 1 - Setting up the Dominoes (Keith GM - 3/17/09)

Episode 2 - The Shady Lady (Keith GM - 3/24/09)

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Landmarks of Lindure

The city of Lindure is home, due to it's incredible wealth, to a large number of fantastic landmarks, that help ensure that tourism continues to fund the city's economy.

  • The Lindure Opera House - The most exquisite performing arts center in the entirety of Selden, to play the Lindure Opera House requires decades of practice, and usually a letter of recommendation from someone on the level of a King. The amphitheater is constructed of the most exquisite marble available in the entire continent, the seats constructed of materials that adorn throne rooms. Shows are booked years in advance, for an amount of gold that would make the most regal nobles check their treasuries. For the past 8 years, the Lindure Opera House has been home to the magnificent Eleay Vesalez, an elf with the ability to invoke raw emotion from her entire audience.
  • The Falkland Towers - a trio of buildings that tower over the Lindure skyline. Home to luxury condos, exquisite shopping, and an expansive casino, the towers serve as a focal point for commerce in the city. Constructed of granite and iron with the help of a form of magic known as Geomancy, the most spectacular part of the towers are the three spires. Constructed of an unknown metal, the spires wrap around the buildings, and lead toward the center space between the towers (Where the Lindure Academy of the Extradimensional Arts resides).
  • The Lindure Academy of the Extradimensional Arts - Home to the best and brightest minds in Lindure, the academy serves as the focal point for invention and expansion in the city. Philanthropists funnel money into the academy at a jaw dropping rate, and 15% of all taxes generated in the city are routed to the school. Admission into classes at the Academy is very exclusive, with only 140 students being admitted each year. The school has a graduation rate of roughly 12%. Professors spend their days working over the most complex problems facing civilization in Selden‚Ķeverything from the perfection of magic to the exploration of the natural world are conducted at the Academy. The brightest of the minds work with Dr. Ghizwinkle himself, exploring both time and space.
  • The Professional Geomancer's League - Home to the mages that make the city of Lindure what it is today, the Geomancer's League is where, everyday, young wizards begin their trek to learn how to harness the powers of the earth itself. The building is constructed out of a large plateau formation in the Telldor district in the eastern part of the city. Here, facilities have been constructed to teach the arts of Geomancy and to administer the practice of the art within the city.
  • Mayare's Fountain - A large and very ornate fountain located in the Telldor district of the city, located near the northern gate. Said to be built on the site of the original discovery of gold in the city, the fountain is one of the older landmarks in the city. The fountain depicts a somber man holding a dying woman in his arms. No real details behind the meaning of the imagery exist, though many local residents have their own theories.

Famous Residents

The city of Lindure, being a center of wealth and power in the area, is home to several noteworthy residents.

  • Eleay Vesalez - Famed Elven opera singer. Her voice is considered to be the most beautiful to ever grace the Lindure Opera House. Legend holds that she alone stopped a war between her Kingdom and an empire of Drow, by simply singing an old Elvish lullaby, held dear to both races.
  • Lottos Ghizwinkle - Renowed planar theorist, developer of the Planar Funnel Theory, and head of the Lindure Academy for the Extradimensional Arts.
  • Baeldrun Stoutbrew - Famed brewer (Every bar, pub, tavern, and casino serves Stoutbrew's Lager, and it's many offshoots). Also said to be an extensive collector of historic relics.
  • The Society - Not much is known about the Society by the people of Lindure. There are rumors in the streets that descendants of the original city of Lindure meet to make decisions on the city's future.
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