Lindure - Episode 2

The Shady Lady (Keith GM - 3/24/09)

Kaira sits alone in a jail cell. It's been an hour since she last saw Shadow, as the Lindure security forces have pulled the two of them into seperate rooms for interrogation. A young man sits across from Kaira.

"So, let me get this straight. A mysterious young woman came to you and your friend, offered you an obscene amount of money to escort a pair of unnamed men to a town that's a weeks travel away, based on seeing you running through the street? And you and your friend were just victims of circumstance. You had nothing to do with murdering the old man?"

Kaira looks up at the man. "Yes, that is correct."

"Then why was your blade coated in blood when we brought you in?"

Kaira looks confused. She hadn't killed anyone. She hadn't even drawn her sword.

The man continues. "Listen, we know you're probably just the muscle, and your elf friend is the brains. Just give us some information on him, and we'll make sure you get off easy."

"He's an Eladrin, and he's my friend. I'm not going to play that game."

The man behind the table looks aggravated. "Ok…well tell us this. The eye witness reports we received said there were two victims. Where is the second? The young tiefling woman you and your friend murdered."

Kaira spits at the man. "I didn't murder anyone." The man looks to the glass on the wall, and nods. He leaves the room, and a young woman enters. The same woman that hired Kaira and Shadow.

"…You. What have you done? Why are you doing this?"

"I'm doing this because it's my job. I'm the District Attorney of this city, and you just committed a high profile murder. So I'm going to make you a deal. Admit to the crime, and we'll give you a quick, easy death. Continue to be stubborn, and you WILL be found guilty, and you WILL find yourself in the middle of true horror."

Before Kaira can even muster an answer, the door opens. An elven woman enters, escorted by security.

"Mrs. Telldor, the two criminal's lawyer is here. We have to stop the questioning now."

Mrs. Telldor stares Kaira down for a moment. "Think about what I said, urchin."

"I already have. You've made my list."

The security, and Mrs. Telldor, leave the room. Shadow is brought into the same room, after experiencing a similar line of questioning.

"Ms…Kaira, and Mr. Shadow, correct? My name is Lee, I'm your legal defense. I'm here to make sure you get out of this in one piece. Now, tell me what really happened."

Kaira is the first to chime in. "The woman that was in the room with me has set us up. She hired us to meet two people at the fountain. When we arrived, there was a dead body already floating in the fountain. Police then immediately swarmed in on us."

"You're saying that Charlene Telldor set you up? Charlene Telldor? The District Attorney. An aristocrat. One of the most noble people in the city."


"If you're not going to be serious with me there's not much I can do. When you decide to stop playing games, let me know, and we'll talk. For now, just don't say anything to anyone, and don't do anything stupid." Lee alerts the guards that they are done, and Kaira and Shadow are escorted back to their cells.

"Quite a predicament we've gotten ourselves into Kaira."

"Yes, but at least we have a name. Charlene Telldor"

"Right. And I have a plan."

The unfortunate thing about city jails, compared to prisons, is that they're rarely prepared to handle much in the way of magic. Sure, the restraints and bars can be warded, but they're just not meant to hold fey creatures. And for a culture that so often confuses Eladrin with Elves, that's fortunate for Shadow. With just the blink of an eye, his teleportation abilities have allowed him to get behind a guard, knocking him out, swapping him into his cell and freeing Kaira. And within a moment, a plan has been concocted. Shadow awaits back in his cell, while Kaira is off to recover the evidence against the two of them.

It starts so easily. She catches a glimpse of another half-elf woman in the area just outside the holding cells, about the same size and build as Kaira. A quick blow to the head, and the woman is now masquerading as Kaira. And Kaira has a new set of clothes to masquerade in.

She calmly approaches a woman behind a desk. "Hi, I'm a bit confused. Today is my first day and…"

"OH! You must be the new intern! Welcome to the station! What do you need?"

Kaira smiles. It takes no time, or effort, for her to find her way to evidence.

"Hi, I'm the new intern. The chief wants me to pull the evidence for the two criminals brought in last night. Says their lawyer is requesting discovery or some nonsense."

And with just a bit of paperwork, she has all of her belongings. At this point it's trivial for her and Shadow to escape. Just a minor conflict with a guard at an emergency exit, and they're off. Shadow tells Kaira to get to a safe location, and they decide it would be best to split up, until the heat dies down. Kaira runs off to find the offices of her lawyer. Shadow, to track down the woman that set them up.

Verstaadt finds herself in the middle of the offices of her associate, Ronald. Unfortunately for Verstaadt, Ronald's office happens to be a strip club by the name of the Shady Lady. The subject of tonight's discussion? The information Ronald retrieved, and the man that assaulted Verstaadt.

"Firstly, you'll be happy to see this. Proof positive that someone is out to get you. I just don't know who yet."

Ronald hands Verstaadt the note.

"After tonight, this is nothing new to me. A man killed my friend. And tried to kill me. What have you been able to find out from your contacts."

"Ok, don't be mad, because I don't have control over this. But you're not going to like it. A man named Phinneus was brought into the police station last night. And then almost immediately he was let go."

"What? Why would they let him go."

"They claimed they didn't have enough evidence to hold him. But if you had to ask me, it was probably due to the security forces being in on the job. Or at least a few gold coins going to the right officer."

"I'm going to go pull some political strings and see what I can find out. Try to track down Mr. Phinneus."

The fact that Verstaadt meets static at the police station is unsurprising. But what she is being told is. Rather than being fed some hockney story about releasing Phinneus due to a lack of evidence, or no specific crime, or whatever, they instead say that they have no recollection of him ever being in the station. They show Verstaadt the booking logs, and no entry appears for Phinneus. Frustrated, Verstaadt leaves. She is met by Ronald with a quick nod, and they make haste.

Ronald's contacts prove useful time and time again. Apparently a featureless, pale white creature is pretty easy to track down, even in a city as large as Lindure. They track Phinneus to a house on the northeastern part of town, near the Chasm.

The door is unlocked, and partially open. They cautiously enter. To their surprise, they hear no threats, no cursing. They find no one on the first floor. All they hear is sobbing on the second floor. Making their way up, they see Phinneus, cradling a mirror, and saying one word over and over. "Change." It doesn't take long, however, for him to notice the intruders.

"What do you want? Did you come to finish me off? You can, I have nothing to live for. I've lost my face. All of my faces. My loves. My beautiful faces."

Verstaadt feels a moment of actual remorse for her actions.

"I did this to you. I might be able to take it back…but only if you help us. Tell us who sent you."

"Who…I don't know. People. Powerful people, but never see them. They leave me instructions. They leave me gold. And I do their work."

"Where do they leave your instructions?"

"An alleyway near the fountain. Abandoned part of town. No peering eyes."

Verstaadt looks at Ronald, and he nods. "We can use that." She calmly approaches the changeling, and summons every bit of arcane knowledge she has in her body. She whispers one word into his ear. "Universe."

Phinneus's face rapidly begins changing, finally landing on the vision of Verstaadt. Then Rinn. Then Ronald. He smiles.

"I can't thank you enough. You'll never have to worry about me again. You'll never see me again…that you'll know of."

Phinneus shakes Verstaadt's hand, and runs out the door. It's so easy for a man like him to hide in plain sight.

Verstaadt looks down. When Phinneus shook her hand, he slipped her something. A crystal, glowing with etched runes.

"More riddles."

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