The First Domino (Keith GM - 3/31/09)

Shadow awakens to find himself chained in what appears to be a basement, with little memory of how he wound up there. The last thing he does remember? Marching to the city courthouse to place an arrow into the skull of the district attorney, Charlene Telldor. His head is throbbing.

One of the guards notices that he is awake, and heads upstairs. Several minutes pass, and a beautiful young woman descends the stairs…Mrs. Telldor.

"I must say, you have guts little Eladrin. I've not had to fight for my life in quite a few years."

"Where am I?"

Charlene smirks. "This is a secret place, where we bring troublemakers like you."

"How did I get here?"

Charlene seems a bit agitated at the question. "You don't remember? That may be partially my fault, my skills in the arcane are not quite up to the level of my husband's. I have a hard time controlling the side effects of my…abilities. You barged into my offices. I stood up to meet you, you shot an arrow at my head. Put a nice hole in my curtains, and I put you to sleep,and had you brought here."

"Why didn't you just have me killed?"

"Ah, no that's the real question. I could have had you thrown back into prison, with your little half-elf friend, or I could have just dumped your body in the Chasm. But I have to admit…I admire a man that has the gall to handle a problem so directly. So I'm going to make you a deal. Help us deliver one small little message, and the manhunt for you will be stopped. All charges dropped against you and your friend. Don't, and I'll personally give you over to Ghent for his…experiments. And I definitely won't be able to keep protecting your precious Rat's Den from being demolished to make way for progress…"

Shadow strains against his chains. If only they had a little more slack, he could get his hands on her. He falls back, and hangs his head low. "What do you want me to do."

"One of the tools I use from time to time is starting to wear out her usefulness, and is playing multiple sides of the same game. The blunt object I usually use to take care of these issues has…gone off the reservation, if you will. So I need you to take care of her. Her name is Lee, you may remember her as the lawyer that was completely useless in getting you out of jail. She works out of the Telldor district. Take care of her, and you and your friend will be free."

Shadow sighs. "I'll take care of it. But one more thing. When all this is done, I am going to kill you."

Charlene smiles, and leans in a bit closer to whisper to Shadow. "Better men than you have tried." With that, she leaves. The guards unchain Shadow, and throw him out the door. Confused, he finds himself in an abandoned section of town. Trying to go back through the door, Shadow finds himself in an abandoned building. He sighs, and begins to make his way to find Kaira, and to take care of the Lawyer.

Verstaadt and Bullshit have retreated to the safest location the two could think of for the time being, Verstaadt's offices. While not a permanent solution, it does give Verstaadt a chance to grab (as well as hide) any of her research. Unfortunately, Bullshit keeps bounding between the serious and the crazy.

"I knew we were getting close to something V. One of our theories riled up the wrong people. It means we're onto something. It's the Fisherman's League I tell you. It all makes sense. What doesn't make sense is why they're putting the sterility juice in the city water supply…if the city's baby supply dries up they'll have no one to test their fountain of youth on!"

Verstaadt takes most of Bullshit's ramblings in stride. "I know BS, It doesn't make any sense." She keeps gathering up her possessions.

"I don't know why we're hiding out here. Why not at my mansion? It's one of the biggest in Lindure! I've got enough security to make sure a fly doesn't get in, unless I specifically WILL IT onto my property. They could send hitmen, enforcers, hell they could send 51 ninja assassins after us there, and they wouldn't stand a chance! You know, I have enough room on my property to build you a proper office V. You could even have a basement to store your research, as well as your collection of weird pale white people!"

The two are startled when a knock comes on the door.

Bullshit dives under a desk. "It's the ninjas! I knew it!"

The door opens. It's Kaira, the escaped Half-Elf, carrying a box of "evidence"

"Hello? I'm looking for my lawyer, I was told this was her office."

Verstaadt quickly greets the young half-elf. "If you're looking for Lee I'm afraid she's running errands for me at the moment. She should be in soon. Make yourself comfortable."

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