Madyrn Maer

Elf Avenger - Player (Keith)


Madyrn grew up in the heyday of the great Elven kingdom of Dorthone. Raised by her father, as her mother died in childbirth, Madyrn was always a strong girl, quicker to act than to ask questions, and always determined to get her way.

With her father's encouragement, she enlisted in Dorthone's Defense Forces, the Col'm Paeraeli. An outstanding cadet, her quick thinking and fearlessness in launching herself headfirst into combat earned her an invitation to join the prestigious Col'm Shar, an order dedicated to hunting down and silencing the enemies of Dorthone, known in common as the King's Wrath.

When the war came, the Col'm Shar were a major part of the success Dorthone had against the orcs. Able to quickly find their places behind enemy lines, the Col'm Shar caused chaos in the ranks of the orcs. Thanks to their actions, the Bludchok-Hai were held at bay, and aided by interlopers from the town of Gribale, peace finally settled on the once great kingdom. That is…until he came.

After the death of King Eldros Elenesse, the morale of the defenders was shattered. Many of the citizenry fled northwest, leaving Dorthone a shadow of it's former self.

Now Madyrn plans to do what she does best. Revenge. The Col'm Shar will be reborn. And hidden under the layers of robes that mask her figure, her greatsword bears a new inscription. “Seras ter pai”. In common, this phrase has a very clear message. Seras must die.

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