The gambling metropolis of Taern, Mantaus is known as perhaps the most dangerous "civilized" city on the continent.

Mantaus is a melting pot of cultures and races, many whose only common thread is the love of gold, and even moreso than that, the love of easy gold.




  • Whispers the Bartender - Owner of The Lizard, a small but well-respected place to meet, drink, and plot. Whispers adds his own bit of cache to the place as a retired adventurer. Due to an incident involving Whispers, a fight, the bar, and an explosive mage, Whispers has lost the ability to speak and thus… is a man of few words. However with that injury comes a great deal of respect, and most know of him as a lizard not to be trifled with. Which comes in handy as a business owner in a town full of gangsters, thieves, and gamblers.
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