Maras-Dantia, once a land filled with magic where the elder races lived in relative peace. Peace that lasted until they arrived… Humans. In all of their greed driven lust for power. First they conquered the inhabitants of Maras-Dantia,including the formiddable dragonborns, forcing them into servitude, and then they turned on each other. Seperating themselves into two sects; the manis(worshipping many gods) and the unis (following a sole diety). Now after centuries of warfare their constant turmoil is bleeding the land of its magic. What was once lush and fertile countryside has become boggy marshes and sparse forests. The sea to the north has gradually begun to freeze and the ice creeps closer and closer with each passing year.

Do the humans realize what they're doing? Do they even care? Can Maras-Dantia be saved at this point or will the dragonborns' home cease to be nothing more than a frozen wasteland…


  • Martin - Dragonborn Warlord (Patrick)
  • Icsac - Dragonborn Wizard (Mike)
  • Toby - Dragonborn Bard (Jared)
  • Tulk - Half Orc Rogue (Keith)

Supporting Characters:

  • Queen Jennesta
  • Coila - Half Orc Warrior(female)

Episode 1 - Did she see that? (Shane GM - 10/22/10)
Episode 2 - Ambush!? (Shane GM - 11/12/10)

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