Maras-Dantia (Campaign)

A group of (mostly) Dragonborn soldiers go AWOL with a powerful artifact that their former ruler seeks. A Love Story, set in the harsh environment of Dragon Island (Also known as Maras-Dantia)


  • Tobey - Dragonborn Bard (Jared)
  • Icsac (Ixie) - Dragonborn Wizard (Mike)
  • Tulk - Half-orc Rogue (Keith)
  • Martin - Dragonborn Warlord (Patrick

Supporting Characters:

  • Janesta - Former Queen of the band of soldiers
  • Mozul (Mobs) - An all too helpful Gremline rescued by the group


Icsac: "I want to bite his hand. No, wait! I'm a dragon! I want to breath on him!"
Icsac: "Four levels down! His dad is gay! But he hates him for BEING gay!"
Martin: "I might be from here…in time."
Tulk: "If you're so smart, how'd you get kidnapped?"
Icsac: "This thing here…um…what's your name?" Mobs: "Mobs!" Icsac: "Mobs I hate you."

Episode 1 - Maras-Dantia session 1 (Shane GM - 10/22/10)

Episode 2 - Four Levels Down (Shane GM - 11/12/10)

Episode 3 - You Shouldn't Have told Me That (Shane GM - 11/19/10)

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