Marcus Damien

Human Fighter (Battle Master, Noble) - Patrick in The Scarlet Thread


Damien is of a noble family, though
driven from his family estate by some
terrible secret. He retains some of his
privileges, like the poor retainers that
must follow him everywhere, but must
make his own way in the world.
He is obsessed with lore, especially
history and military strategy, and
collects many books this way. He also
enjoys making maps, especially of old

He has a hard time acclimating to
common society, and his refined
sensibilities often come off as
snobbishness to those around him.
However, he cares deeply for those
around him, seeing them as the family
he lost.

His secret is this: he was (and is) in
love with a courtesan from a noble
family that are rivals to the Damiens.
One tryst with the woman resulted in
child. This caused the rival family to
immediately marry her off, and his own
family to exile him. So now his child is
being raised without knowing who she
is, believing his former lover's husband
to be her father.

He joined with the Scarlet Thread as a way
to make money, practice tactics, and in general
find camaraderie in a world he didn't much

Known Aliases



Adventurer, Historian, Tactician


The Scarlet Thread, Three Poor Retainers

  • The Cook: Stefan Starbreeze is a cook with refined taste who is little appreciated by, well, anyone. He is an elf.
  • The Servant: Mattimeo Cumberbun is a half deaf half-orc servant that does what he can, the poor dear.
  • The Tutor: Pierre Sturgeon is Marcus's former tutor, forced to follow him and help him with the lore and book upkeep. He is an aging gnome that failed out of a wizard academy because he is apparently allergic to magic.

The Churlingways, a rival Noble family.

Long Term Goals

Reunite with his bastard and lover.

Short Term Goals

Clean up this shitty keep.

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