Matthias the Pious

Matthias is a knight and paladin under the religion of Bahamut, King of Dragons. He is of a pious sort, thus his surname.

He is rather stoic, and so reveals little of himself to his companions. What he has revealed is that he was in the service to a small fief-lord, who was corrupt. Though Matthias knew of the corruption, he could not bring himself to be disloyal to his lord. Events surrounding a certain dwarf with a 'mountain beard' made him change his thoughts however, and for the first time he chose to do something rash and disobey and leave the service of his lord. This was a humbling experience to the until then by-the-book knight, and he is thankful to the dwarf for opening his eyes. He has chosen to not yet reveal the actual events surrounding his first introduction to Mountain-beard, inferring that something may have happened that he is not particularly proud of.

It is later learned that Matthias had, in fact, slain his former lord, though the reason is not currently known.

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