Mick McNapps

Dwarf Barbarian (Player - Rancid)


Former Mantaus boxer and celebrity, a rare bald Dwarf, who retired back to his home of Buildar and has spent the span of it living off of his former glory by accepting the invitation of many a female fan, and pontificating on the total badassness that is Mick McNapps.


Beaten to death in an ugly brawl in McNapps' residence by a big fucking dragonborn. Urban legend speaks of the morbid sign left on McNapps' door that read, "If you think you can whip my ass, the door's open for you to walk in and try." Apparently someone did.


Mantaus for most of his professional career, but retired back to his hometown of Buildar.


Retired boxer. And apparently a pro bono bouncer for The Buildar Bar. The Bartender still made him pay his tab.


His promoter, Reskaal Regensy.
His groupies.
His mother.


Whoever was in the ring with him.
The drink.

Long-term Goals

Already accomplished. McNapps retired a champion.

Short-term Goals

Mostly accomplished. He drank quite a bit in retirement.


The City of Buildar

The Dwarf With Many Names

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