Muscle Tower

Crown Jewel of the Bludchok Orcs

The most notorious of all of the orcish fortifications, Muscle Tower's power is matched only by the legends that have emerged from within it's walls. Housed in a volcanic region of eastern Taern, and surrounded by lava, even breaching it's first set of walls is a challenge worthy of praise from the greatest bards.

Originally a simple fortification, Muscle Tower grew in infamy as the orcs were digging mines beneath the city. There they stumbled upon an odd phenomena, a large void in a cavern under the keep. Determined to find any other treasures that they could, the orcs kept digging and building downward, causing Muscle Tower to get it's trademark look…a tower that hangs from a cavern like a stalactite.

The orcish lands are abuzz as news has emerged that the chieftains of the orcs have agreed to gift Muscle Tower to any orcish warband that is capable of bringing the head (or body) of the elf Wrothgar, member of the Col'm Shar. Thomas the Decent was the last to be seen with Wrothgar, though it is not determined if he escaped his pursuers, or if the orcs will hold up their end of the bargain.

Given how often Muscle Tower is known to change ownership, it is of some debate as to whether the gift is anything more than a way for a chieftain to say that he died defending the great Muscle Tower.


Muscle tower, on the surface, appears as any other keep in Taern does, save for the moat of lava that makes breaching the keep nearly impossible. This level contains barracks, an armory, and other assorted fortifications.

The second level contains the infamous "Gate" which drove the orcs into a frenzy. Residing in the center of a giant cavern, the gate leads to a distant, foreign land. Surrounding the gate are a number of jail cells, which the orcs use to hold prisoners that they intend to feed to the gate. It was on this level that Fenrir Volon discovered a changling assassin, identified as only Number 27

The third level contains a set of labs, dedicated to research on whatever comes out of the gate. This level also contains an elevator back to the surface. It was on this level that the Col'm Shar discovered the elves experimenting on a pair of elves that did not appear to be from Dorthone, covered in strange, arcane tattoos. Also on this level was the first encounter of a Warforged by the Col'm Shar.

Past this level, the tower descends into a giant, lava filled cavern that is filled with a variety of monsters, including an abundance of flying burbalong.

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