Muscle Tower Conquer

A group of adventurers awake in a strange place, with little recollection of how they got there, or what they were doing.

They soon find out that they are at the top of Muscle Tower.

And it appears that they conquered it.


  • Bane - Shifter Warlock (Jared)
  • Merl - Eladrin Sword Mage (Patrick)
  • Telchar - Deva Cleric (Keith)
  • Travy Wayne Underburrow - Halfling Monk (Shane)
  • Zak Wilde - Githzerai Avenger (Shane)

Supporting Characters:

  • Ekku - Githzerai Warlock
  • Revlet - Lizard Man Bard
  • Vaxlug - Dragonborn Warlord

The Bride of Muscle Tower
Episode 1 - The Bride's Chambers (Onward Yon Burbalong) (Mike GM - 10/22/10)

Episode 2 - The Bride's Help (Mike GM - 11/12/10)

Episode 3 - The Bride's Ceremony (Mike GM - 11/19/10)

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