Mythril Vale

A gnomish town on the world of Seldren. Known for being a "rough town", and harsh reactions toward pickpockets. Lies just north of the Eledon Forest, a home of Elves that claim allegiance to no kingdom. The elves of the forest constantly have sentries at the forest's edge with instructions to make sure no sin from the city spills into their woods.

The town recently has been thrown into turmoil due to an aggressive party of adventurers, known as Bigby's Band, that have disrupted the peace and overthrown the king:

  • Daenor Featherfall, A human monk seeking only order and preservation. Grouped into Bigby's band while trying to prevent bloodshed.
  • A nameless and very quiet half-elf rogue, known only for his sharp wits, and the sharp point of his rapier.
  • Nob, an elven ranger from the Eledon Forest. Became mixed in with Bigby's Band after they were thrown out of the city and down the mountain (For allegedly pickpocketing a bouncer at the Caged Gnome, a strip club in the city), and landed at his post.
  • Red Cloud, a very large Elven Rogue, known not for his quick strikes, but for his lustful, seductive dances.
  • Bigby, Lord of the Gnomes of Mythril Vale. A Gnomish Barbarian, covered head to toe in sharply spiked armor. Feared for his ability to get in close to his foes, and assault them with a pair of spiked gauntlets, as well as for a very aerodynamic spiked buckler. Also a master linguist, speaking just about every language spoke in Seldren.

Since Bigby's Band has taken over, attention has been focused on a mysterious set of tunnels within the mountains.

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