Nathaniel Jay Feliwigg

Gnome Sorcerer - Keith in The Dwarf With The Mountain Beard

Known Titles

  • Nat Feliwigg of the Northern Feliwigg's
  • Nat Feliwigg of the Western Feliwigg's
  • Nat Feliwigg of the Northwestern Feliwigg's
  • Heir of the Southern Feliwigg's
  • Lord and Master of Feliwigg's Keep on the Green
  • Crown Prince of the Gem Fields
  • Keeper of the Sacred Map of the Beard
  • Bearer of the Silver Flute of the Misplaced Men
  • High Prophet of the Church of Robert
  • Scourge of the Desert's Death
  • Apprentice of the Great Master
  • Loudmouth

Known Aliases

  • N.J. Rage'n'flame
  • Nathan Shadowseeker
  • Nathanos the Cold
  • Nate the Quick
  • Nathaniel the Pure
  • Nathan the All Knowing
  • Nat the Loud
  • Nathaniel Gravewhisper
  • The Unstoppable Nat
  • Nate the Dissolver


As a gnome, Nat's travels through the Feywild should have been very usual…quiet, concealed, unobtrusive. Unfortunately for the other gnomes of the Fey, Nat's curiosity lead to a much more chaotic life. Nat was always exploring, always experimenting. His dabbles in alchemical research lead to his neighbors not having hair for weeks. His attempts to learn how to cook allowed the gnomes to obtain the first biological weapons of the Feywild. So when Nat started to dabble in the chaotic workings of the arcane, the gnomes held a vote. Nat was sent to the mundane world for "training"

Amazingly enough, Nat's training wasn't disastrous. His master dealt with his fair share of singed eyebrows and blue skin, but it was nothing he hadn't encountered before. Eventually, Nat was ready for the most difficult part of his training…venturing into the wild. His mentor instructed him with a task. Something to prove Nat's worth, and to preserve the sanctity of life in Taern. Unfortunately…Nat was too distracted by the eyebrows his mentor had drawn onto his face to listen to his instructions.

Hopefully they weren't too important.

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