Human Cleric


A well respected cleric of renown who played a crucial part in The Resurrection of Willy Clark Griswald. The retired cleric advised Porter, Ellias, and Kinidod on how best to find their friend's soul after a failed resurrection performed by Octorus. His reasoning that Willy's soul was being protected by the gods and that the time had to be right for his return led Ellias to focus on finding The Flute. Octorus later perfomed a successful resurrection with the use of the flute.




Far in the southeast of Taern in a cabin on the coast.


Retired cleric.


  • Yekrut - The badly burned Yekrut is the one who pointed The Hardbottle Thieves in his direction. Yekrut is a former protege of Octorus.
  • Ellias Lagorn - Octorus respects Ellias desire to right the wrong of Willy's death and shares with Ellias the faith in Willy's importance for a legendary quest.
  • Kinidod - The cleric of Gribale had not met Octorus, but knew of his reputation. The two have since maintained a correspondance and Kinidod has taken Octorus' former bodyguard Limrock on as his first protege.
  • Limrock - Former bodyguard for Octorus who wasn't that good at his job. But Octorus knew that Limrock's true passion was in the monastery and so it was with great pride that he saw Limrock take on Kinidod as a mentor. Octorus has since hired a stout dragonborn as a means of protection.


  • The Order of Death - This tiefling organization of religous zealots believe resurrection to be harmful to the souls of those brought back from the other side. Their rapid growth in numbers is one of the reasons Octorus retired when he did, for fear of what would happen to practitioners like himself.

Long-term Goals

To see live out the rest of his days in peace and quiet in his oceanside cabin.

Short-term Goals

To see The Order of Death eliminated.


The Town of Buildar
Episode 12 - The Hardbottle Heist of a Life (Mike GM - 11/25/08)

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