Order of the Silver Scale

History of The Order

Based out of the west, not much is known about the Order of the Silver Scale. It was rumored that during the Great War between the Elves and the Orcs, a plot to destroy the Order was executed. One of its great leaders, Roland Lighthammer, became a victim of this plot. After his death, the official records show that most members of the Order were also murdered.

According to the Elves of Dorthone, three members of the Order did in fact survive and made their way to the Elven kingdom: Edgar Lighthammer, Garthur and Seras. It was during this time that the Elven King Eldros was assassinated. The details of the king's death are still unclear, but the elves claim that it was the work of the paladin Seras. According to the late king's servants and close guards, a confrontation between the three paladins took place in the king's private quarters, the very place where the king was poisoned. The paladin Garthur took a mortal wound in protecting Lighthammer from Seras' sword. Somewhere in the conflict and confusion Seras made an escape. Soon after, Edgar Lighthammer left Dorthone in a mad hunt for the fled assailant. The whereabouts of Seras is still unknown, as well as the fate of the paladin Garthur. It was also rumored that a dwarf was witness to these accounts and aided in the attempted arrest of Seras.

Known Members of The Order of the Silver Scale

Adventures involving the Order of the Silver Scale

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