Osrick the Moltenbeard

Dwarf Fighter - Jessica in The Kings of Krell Caverns


The son of King Ulrick Hammerstrike and his consort General Malvina Alcavern, had always dreamt of the day he would take the throne. Osrick assumed that his father would step down only after at least a century of peaceful rule and that by then he would be a dwarf truly prepared for such a great responsibility. The young prince spent most of his time as an apprentice in the royal forges learning metallurgy, lapidary, and honing his skill with the hammer. His mother insisted that he receive daily combat training, so that he could defend himself and his little kingdom if ever called upon to do so. King Ulrick was quite pleased with his son’s progress and planned to take him on a diplomatic mission to create ties with Krell Caverns, so that the Prince might observe how larger Kingdoms are run.

The barren Queen had always seemed resigned if not pleased with her position, but when King Ulrick announced his plans to marry General Malvina after the birth of his second son, she decided it was time for a change. Soon after the birth of Prince Pyotr, a mysterious illness (possibly an enchantment) struck crippling the populace and killing the King, the General and the newborn Prince. Prince Osrick survived, severely weakened and without his modest young beard. Many had suspected the Queen of being the cause of the illness, but Osrick's were confirmed when she sent her lover (a wretch undeserving of a name) to challenge him for the throne. She argued that a King without a beard was no King at all and that Osrick was not legally able to defend his throne. With the people unable to rise against her, she set his coronation for the very next day.

Osrick gathered his strength and ran to the forge. Law only required that the King have a beard, so he set about making one out of shining gold wire. He did not give it time to fully cool, but instead rushed out to the battlefield. It seared and scarred his chin. As the treacherous Queen went to place the Hammerstrike crown upon her lover’s brow, the Prince burst into the throne room, his beard still glowing from the forge. He bellowed his challenge at the usurper, who chuckling stepped down from the dais eager to finish what had been started. The traitor spat insults and spoke hideous blasphemies against Osrick, the Fallen King, and Moradin. As the viper approached Prince Osrick, he laughed “And take that ridiculous thing off of your chin!”, twined his foolish fingers in the burning wires, and howled with despair. While the wretch still wimpered, Osric swung his mighty hammer and crushed his hateful skull. The barren Queen trembled and plead. King Osrick, bound by the law of the land and the lack of evidence, begrudgingly exiled her far from her diabolical instruments.

With the rebellion quelled and his strength recovered, the mighty little king sets off to Krell Caverns to get the education his father would have wished him to have and to bring glory to his dwarfish Kingdom of Garah.

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