Pervis Ellison

Human Rogue - Player (Mike)


One of the fabled Marooned Maniacs, Pervis Ellison is striking in his appearance which most see as completely dire. A very thin, gaunt man, Pervis nevertheless strikes fear into opponents for they see him as a man who has nothing, and thus nothing to lose. In point of fact Pervis usually puts himself in a position of power, usually through some sort of business. As of now, he has taken an interest in the coconut business.

He also has very wispy hair, and thus prefers to not sail on a windy day.




The sea… or marooned islands. It's a constant state of flux.


Currently a coconut dealer. Though these things change depending on Pervis' sense of the market.


To a certain degree, the other Maniacs.


Mostly the Maniacs. Pervis isn't fond of making enemies. He sees them as merely dubloons prime for the taking. Good and evil never comes into it.

Long-term Goals

Make his way back to a metropolis and sell his wares. A cozy loft is not out of the question

Short-term Goals

Sell some coconuts.


The Marooned Maniacs

  • Episode 1 - Do Coconuts Float? (Adam GM - 1/20/09)
  • Episode 2 - Tiny Tim Blows Half His Face Off (Adam GM - 2/10/09)
  • Episode 3 - The Gang Gets Crimson Strand(ed) (Adam GM - 2/17/09)


  • Episode 20 - Buildarmageddon Part Two (Mike GM - 3/22/09)



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