Dwarf Fighter - Adam in Buildar & The Dwarf With Many Names


"I go by many names, but my friends call me Mountainbeard." - The Dwarf With Many Names


The dwarven guard of Buildar who likes to remain drunk as much as possible, Mountainbeard normally cares very little for the tasks that are given to him. However, after a recent attack on his town, Mountainbeard felt partially responsible since he was on shift that night. After the gate to Buildar disappeared, he silently made a vow to clean up his nasty alcohol problem and better his life. Since then he has regained the trust of the town sheriff, Werric.

Mountainbeard accompanied Werric and some of the other more notable Buildar citizens on a trip to the Crimson Strand Keep, a base of operations for The Crimson Strand. After battling many foes at the keep, Mountainbeard aided the others in bringing Percius back to Buildar. Upon entering the town, however, an angry Griswaldian shot Mountainbeard with a poisonous dart, killing him instantly. The Griswaldians were angry that the group had brought Percius back to town and also claimed that the group had not done their part in protecting the flute.

It wasn't until the mass killings of the heroes of Buildar that Mountainbeard revealed that he was, in fact, alive. He was disguised as a bum and was missing patches of his beard, as if it had been burned. The facts as to how Mountainbeard survived his own death are unclear, but moments before he revealed his identity Edgar and Werric discovered a second needle in Garthur's room. This led to the revelation that there was a second shooter when Mountainbeard fell. Perhaps this is the key to unlocking the mystery of Mountainbeard's survival.

Little is known to his companions about Mountainbeard before he came to Buildar. What is known, perhaps only to himself, is this:

He was a gardener for the Queen of Steadhelm, whose brutal torture and murder was made possible by his high garden walls, built specifically for the Queen's obsession with privacy. Upon admitting to the investigators that he was the murderer, he was sentenced to be Steadhelm's sacrifice in that year's Ankarch Desert Death Race. Most assume that he perished along with the rest of the racing team, as only their destroyed carriage and blood and other organs were found on the race track later.

Mountainbeard made his way to a small desert town and dropped off his dead package that he had hidden in Steadhelm's racing carriage before admitting to the murder that would assuredly send him and his package to his desert town destination… with a little sabotage help from the dwarf of course. Howerver with the death of the package, The Princess of Steadhelm, Mountainbeard failed for the first time on one of his missions. Nearing death he made his way to a trusted medical outpost in Newton, a town on the edge of the desert and the Mountains of Misplacement. It is assumed that he remained in a coma there for many months.

However Mountainbeard was only "playing dead" and wanted to know who would follow him, as he was too wounded to cover his tracks appropriately. Three men came to the hospital, whose workers had already been paid off by Mountainbeard to keep up his ruse of a comatose state. The three men were private investigators who go by a ruse of their own: wizardy. They are of course The Three Wizards of Memory, and through uncanny deductive reasoning and perception they tracked Mountainbeard's previous location back to the desert town where the package was last seen. The "wizards" would only find a dead town, literally, as the town sheriff, deputy, and a citizen were burning all the bodies of the townspeople. Apparently all due to the "dead" package… a girl with red hair who was no longer dead. It was only with the help of Mountainbeard, who in turn was tracking them, that two of the Wizards of Memory escaped with their lives. One was turned vampiric after an unfortunate encounter, but Mountainbeard saved him as well, after all he told the vampire "I may have need for you later".

Mountainbeard tracked down the little girl who was still of the living, only to find the sheriff's body, who was making his way to Newton. He explained that some people, other than the Three Wizards of Memory had come looking for Mountainbeard, and had warned that the dwarf "brought war with him". The package had been alive, this is true, but the little savage girl that Three Wizards found was not here. She was a replacement, in case anyone came looking. As far as he knows the people who warned of war took the true Princess with them.

Mountainbeard apparently has been on a search for this lost package for quite some time, before finding himself in Buildar.

He had previous dealings with Edgar Lighthammer. When the paladin was sent to track Mountainbeard for the mysterious deaths of the citizens in the desert town of Ankarch , the dwarf knocked Edgar out and held him hostage for several days under the Maddox, a gambling center in Dorthone. It was later revealed that he did this to protect Edgar from being tempted by the group who sought an assassin to murder King Eldros of Dorthone. Edgar was soon able to gain Mountainbeard's trust and also believed his story that the package was responsible for those deaths. Mountainbeard let Edgar go so the paladin could inform his Order that the dwarf is dead. He also warned Edgar that if they should meet again it would be best to pretend they did not know each other. "We must keep our alliance a secret," he said to the paladin.

Mountainbeard also seems to have been working with Roland Lighthammer in an attempt to find out how deep the conspiracy runs. It's unclear if Roland knew that his comrade Seras would be turned or not. Mountainbeard was probably working with the paladin in an attempt to find more information on his lost package. However, what he began to uncover that day was deeper and more dangerous than he could possibly imagine. The group Mountainbeard kept his eye on bore the ring of the serpent, a clue that Mountainbeard used to further investigate the conspiracy. After the events in the Maddox, Mountainbeard claimed that a source told him he would find further answers in the Krell Caverns.

It's also been rumored that Mountainbeard played witness to the assassination of King Eldros, and aided Edgar Lighthammer in the attempt to arrest the assassin. According to his drinking buddies, Mountainbeard was so fond of Lighthammer at the time that he decided to take on the name as an homage to the paladin.



Known Aliases

  • Rake Lightmelter
  • Rake Lighthammer
  • Gimthum
  • Roskar




Former second in command and guard of Buildar. Now ???


  • Werric - Mountainbeard has earned the trust of the town sheriff after successfully breaking out D.B., a former deputy of Buildar. This trust may not last if Werric ever finds out that it was Mountainbeard who sold him out to enemies such as Cap'n Jack.
  • Edgar Lighthammer - Knowing each other before the events of Buildar, sometimes Mountainbeard feels that he can only trust Lighthammer when things begin to get really serious.
  • D.B. - After breaking out the former deputy, Mountainbeard and D.B. have since formed a bond. It was D.B. who aided Mountainbeard in the task of acquiring weapons for Buildar. And after the attack from the Hardbottle Thieves, the two began to trust each other with their lives.
  • Garthur - They met during the great tragedy of Dorthone, but there appears to be more than meets the eye when it comes to the relationship between Garthur and Mountainbeard. Did Garthur know that Mountainbeard was a target? Was Garthur the second shooter?
  • The Pale Man - Mountainbeard saved the former wizard from a burning building, of which the other two wizards had set fire to. Since then, the vampire has been working for Mountainbeard, serving him in mutually advantageous circumstances.
  • Roland Lighthammer - Roland and Mountainbeard formed an alliance when it was discovered that a conspiracy was under way in Dorthone. How this alliance came about has yet to be revealed.


  • Lady with Red Hair - She was the package Mountainbeard lost and thus began his quest to search for her. His search for the Lady with Red Hair led him to many places throughout Taern. She was responsible for drugging Mountainbeard with the contaminated alcohol the night the gate came down. Mountainbeard never forgave her for that. During the second abduction of Thedra, Mountainbeard fought the Lady with Red Hair alongside Garthur. The two were soon outmatched once Lord Crimson drank the two vials that contained the blood of Batsa and Etriga. After Lord Crimson drank the blood, the Lady with Red Hair became too powerful for both Mountainbeard and Garthur.
  • Cap'n Jack - The bootlegger was screwed over by Mountainbeard when the dwarf robbed him of alcohol that was worth 2,400 pieces in gold. Mountainbeard along with a Tiefling brother spiked a contaminated drink and drugged the Captain. Mountainbeard, in fear of his own safety, told Cap'n Jack that Werric was the owner of that contaminated alcohol.
  • Seras - Mountainbeard tried to arrest the traitor with the help of Edgar Lighthammer and Garthur. The evil paladin was able to escape, however.
  • Immeral & Valenae - The two eladrin became involved with Mountainbeard when they recruited the paladin Seras right under the dwarf's watch. They bear the ring of the serpent which Mountainbeard knows is a symbol for members of the Clan of Zehir, an organization of assassins.

Long-term Goals

Protect Buildar and its citizens. Rebuild the town gate. Unravel the mystery of the package.

Short-term Goals

Rescue his friends in Buildar. Find the Lady with Red Hair and deliver justice.


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