A town south of the Ankarch Desert, to the West of Rastonia.



  • Bart the Burglar - Human Rogue (Jared)
  • Darrak Stormhammer - Dwarf Warpriest deceased (Shane)
  • Eerin - Dragonborn Knight (Patrick)
  • Gerald - Goliath Fighter (Jacob)
  • Jonas - Human Monk (Adam)
  • Kallista - Tiefling Mage (Shane)
  • Naivara - Eladrin Scout (Keith)
  • Rossum - Half-Elf Bard (Mike)


Episode 1 - Brooks Weeps (Keith GM - 2/19/11)
Episode 2 - He Was Hungry (Mike GM - 2/19/11)
Episode 3 - A Private Package (Shane GM - 3/13/11)
Episode 4 - Don't Poison The Militia (Adam GM - 3/13/11)
Episode 5 - Kallista Didn't Die (Keith GM - 4/3/11)
Episode 6 - Worth Mudville's Weight In Tears (Patrick GM - 4/3/11)
Episode 7 - Correlation Does Not Imply Causation (Patrick GM - 4/25/11)
Episode 8 - TBD (Keith GM - 4/25/11)
Episode 9 - Bart's Bridge (Mike GM - 5/9/11)

Episode 10 - Maybe We Have The Wrong Cave (Jared GM - 5/9/11)
The Gang have made it out of Redbrook and while sitting in the woods at Gerald's treehouse fucking around, they spot Dragos the religious relic dealer approaching their former city. They accost him and learn of a lumberjacking operation that Brooks ran. With not much else to do now that they are retired from the militia, they decide to kill Brooks. They go to the lumberjacking operation but instead find it empty, and bodies hung up over a river near a cave, which happens to be The Exiles base of operations. They learn that The Exiles have poisoned Redbrook's water supply, and Rossum is particularly impressed to have finally met The Exiles. Killing Brooks is still the goal.

Episode 11 - Fools With Crossbows VS. The Skeleton Invasion (Keith GM - 5/16/11)
A tale of two ignorant cities that Brooks has coerced (very easily) into believing that The Gang is a bunch of necromancers there to call upon a skeletal force to destroy them. The Gang hates talking to their dumbasses so they spend their time insulting them and questioning their academic background as opposed to fighting them. The last town they show up in bone armor, dressed up as skeletons, but alas these people aren't QUITE as stupid. Still, Rossum learns how to play xylophone!

Episode 12 - Raiding Party With A Xylophone (Shane GM - 5/16/11)
The gang enter a town to find their old fellow militiamen, Sam and Jonas. The gang threaten them to get out of the way, Rossum can't remember wheat they did so she forgives them easily. They are told to go find "The Old Man". ANATOMY, BONES, HEALTHY is created on the fly as the gang go door to door offering medical checkups for old people. They find an old man locked away in a closet by his wife. He tells them that once A LONG LONG TIME AGO he was Sheriff of this town, before Brooks squeezed him out. He offers them his rusted sword and his tattered Sheriff's uniform but the gang deem it all "too sad", like a Bruce Springsteen song.


  • Brooks - Human Captain of the militia. Confident in his abilities, with no present evidence to support said confidence.
  • Addler Wagner - Dragonborn Arena Master. Wears a purple cape, and speaks in a way that touches one very soul.
  • Dragos - Human Cleric - Peddler of religious relics.
  • Sam the Militia Man - Human Henchman - Formerly working for a grave robbing gnome, now a hero in training at Redbrook.


  • The Sickness
  • The Exiles
  • Goblin Raiders
  • The Dress
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