Redbrook Episode 1

Brooks Weeps (Keith GM - 2/19/11)

“The city of Steadhelm lies in shambles. Once a power of western Taern, now Steadhelm barely has anything resembling a government. It's army has been lost to an evil within the Mountains of Misplacement. It's borders are under siege by a vampiric blight. They cannot save us.”

“The city of Rastonia is in no better condition. They coasted on the strength of the Order of the Silver Scale, relied on a division of holier than thou holy men to protect their borders, and the rest of Taern. They have fallen victim to their own hubris, and are under siege by their own men. They cannot save us.”

“Our own army lies in exile. They tried to be bold, to step up, to save our land. And they succeeded, they fought back the evil. But they paid a price. They came back hurt. They came back sick. And they started to spread it. Our benevolent leader gave them a choice! Rather than face death to save us all, they were to leave. They lie, exiled, far from here. They cannot save us.”

“There are beasts at our door. A troll three nights ago. A band of berbalang a week ago. We have no one else to turn to…our defense is in our own hands. A band of goblins has been spotted east of here. I've sent a scout past them to make sure they're not part of a larger raiding party. You have all been activated because the city of Redbrook needs the help of it's citizens, and it's your turn to provide that help.”

Sheriff Brooks scales the stairs to the top of the city walls. He motions for the members of the militia that have been activated this evening to join him.

“That forest, just off in the distance, is where the enemy is. They are likely waiting until dark to strike. They likely intend to use fear against us! To use the element of surprise! I will not allow our city to be caught with our pants down. We shall take the fight to the enemy! And we shall destroy them!”

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