Redbrook Episode 2

He Was Hungry (Mike GM - 2/19/11)

Naivara: "So will we know in nine days whether they are sick, or do you just want them on perimeter duty for nine days?"
After a pause, Brooks, "The answer is 'no'… to both."

Darrak: “Only squirrels know which half you can eat.”

Bart the Burglar: "Brooks needs you at the gate, he says it's important."
Rossum: “That doesn’t sound like Brooks.”

Gerald upon seeing Darrak tied to a table with goblins sitting around him, knives and forks in hand, does the polite thing and takes his shoes off.

Oddly the goblins feed the captured dwarf. Even more odd, the dwarf eats what is offered. Darrak: “I hope they didn’t feed myself to me.”

Gerald: “Can I carry the tent and the dwarf… cause he needs a place to live.”

Darrak would die in that tent. Face melted off. Upon discovery of their comrade's death, Gerald takes Darrak's body and flings it at the gate. "To show them that he is dead and that it is their problem now."

Upon seeing the dwarf with the melted face, and having his scout Naivara spy on the remaining Exiles in Training, Brooks assumes that their non-melted faces and general sunny disposition as a sign that the Goliath and the Monk are immune to The Sickness and welcomes them back to Redbrook with promotions awaiting them. Gerald and Jonas, are promoted to Brooks right-hand men, and are allowed free pass through the gates, proving themselves immune to the terrible Sickness.

When asked of their wants and desires, Jonas requests residence at the local monastery, while Gerald requests access to a gym. When asked if the dragonborn would want a gym added on to his current residence or a new one built, he casually replies that "an add-on to my house would be fine".

Brooks: “Did Darrak have any last wishes.”
Gerald: “He was hungry.”
Jonas: “He died peacefully.”

Stormhammer’s Soup Kitchen is created to insure that no citizen of Redbrook goes hungry again. Brooks looks out over his city and smiles.

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