Redbrook Episode 3

A Private Package (Shane GM - 3/13/11)

Dragos is religious shyster, the militia is to find, and is someone that Brooks trusts greatly, as he lifts the quarantine for this mission.

Their first goal is to go recruit a dragonborn by the name, Eerin, at The Thirsty Harlot. As Bart the Burglar retrieves him (making a point to introduce himself as Bart The Pious), Eerin apologizes for being late to his first shift, to which Bart replies kindly and then robs him of five gold.

Upon finding a cart of religious relics, Gerard attempts to drag the cart back to Redbrook, while Rossum now-the-burglar attempts to find coins to pay her… debts. Bart now-the-pious seems content to claim the relics for himself. When the militia has to abandon the cart, Rossum and Bart graciously send Jonas the Racist on his way with the other three to deal with a sentry that Naivara found in the woods. An agreement is formed when the two cart guards find board hiding 100 gold. Bart agrees to split the gold, as long as he remains The Pious, and Rossum remains The Burglar. Rossum agrees with no words, just the taking of 50 gold.

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