A town on the northern shores of Taern, home to several retired adventurers.


Founded by an adventuring company known as The Eight Alliance, Rellin was started as a chance to live a quieter life. Members of The Eighth Alliance had grown tired of the constant pain and strife that they dealt with while adventuring across Taern and the continent of Selden. They established Rellin as a self-sufficient community, a place of isolation where they could live with their families undisturbed.

Soon word began to make it's way through the adventuring community about the town. The residents of Rellin are leary of newcomers, but are usually more than capable of dealing with those that try to cause disturbances to their way of life.

The town is protected by a complex set of magical spells that extend over the village and the land around it. Scrying into Rellin is impossible, as is any sort of divination about the residents within. Illusions project the shoreline being much shallower than it actually is, and often illusionists in the town will project illusions of vicious monsters in the coastal areas near Rellin to discourage snooping.

The only major attack on the village has been courtesy of Seras and his men. Thanks to the actions of Abraham Goodspeed and his Good Men, Seras was able to find the path into the city, and lead a large group of mercenaries into the town. The town was protected thanks to the actions of it's villagers, almost all of which are extremely capable fighters.


  • Flint Claw
  • Gunther Gruber

Former Residents


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