Rengar Runehammer

Dwarf Cleric, Hammer of Moradin - Shane in The Kings of Krell Caverns


Rengar Runehammer is a former priest of Berronar Truesilver. He, unlike most dwarves in the kingdom of Gwydren, grew up wanting to learn about healing and life as opposed to battle and tactics. You see your combat prowess was everything in Gwydren society. Unlike most kingdoms where lineage determines succession of royalty, in Gwydren such honors were based upon your deeds. Only the most skilled dwarven warriors were accepted into the Hammers of Moradin, the city's elite military order, and of these the leader also wore the mantle of “King”.

Because of his 'weak nature' as his father put it, Rengar was shunned by his family. Nevertheless, he was able to find what he sought at the Temple of Truesilver. A small place dedicated to the worship of Moradin's wife, rather than the father of the dwarves himself, nestled in an alcove on the road just outside the fortress of Girdlegard.

Girdlegard was the seat of power in the kingdom of Gwydren and as such never saw much in the way of an outside threat. What small mischief did occur, usually came in the form of duergar from the depths of the mountains. Even then they were quickly dispatched by the Hammers.

It was a day like any other when the doors of the temple flew open. One of the guards fell back through the doorway and hit the ground with a thud, a pick sticking out of his forehead. It all happened so quickly the clerics could barely take up arms before the duergar were upon them. Rengar found himself barricaded in the altar room with the few remaining survivors and a few less fortunate who they drug along with them. Who was he kidding, none of them would be fortunate on this day. It was only a matter of time before the duergar broke through that last door. You could already hear them pounding away. They prayed to Berronar, but there was no answer. As the door splintered away Rengar glanced down at the hammer of his fallen comrade. He had been such a fool. How can you expect to go through live peacefully when your entire race is bred for battle. Even if you don't seek it out, inevitably it will find you sooner or later. He reached for the hammer…

King Branak Brawnanvil surveyed the scene outside the Temple of Truesilver. They had heard the alarm in Girdlegard and the Hammers of Moradin had responded with the utmost haste, but what they saw made no sense. They encountered no opposition on their way, and saw no traces of the duergar having left. Yet at least three dwarves lay dead for every duergar. As they entered the temple it was much of the same. Even dwarves who did not dedicate their lives to battle should have put up a better fight than this. Branak stepped through the splintered door to the altar room and was flooded with an odd mix of horror and amazement. Duergar bodies, crushed and bloodied, covered the floor like a carpet. In the center of the room knelt a lone dwarf caked in blood, some duergar, mostly his own. Rengar Runehammer, raised his head to survey the new intruders …the hammer still in his hand.

Rengar has never spoken about that day. In fact he doesn't talk much at all, but when he does people listen. That was 20 years ago. Since then he's dedicated his life to Moradin. Training daily as a member of the Hammers of Moradin at the side of the man who found him all those years ago, his mentor and adoptive father, King Branak Brawnanvil.

Rengar awoke to a knock on his door. He rolled out of bed and strolled over to open the door. A small gnome was standing outside looking rather put out. “Took your time didn't you? King wants to see you right away.” With that he scurried off. Rengar didn't give the 'formal request' much thought as he made his way to the King's quarters. He approached the door and knocked.

“Come in.”

“You sent for me father?”

“Indeed. As you know our duergar problem has only gotten worse over the years and we can't risk sending the Hammers out and leaving the city without appropriate defenses.” …

*Rengar grits his teeth at the mention of duergar*

… “I've just left a council meeting and it's been decided that we shall send the king to the Krell Caverns and ask for assistance from our brethren.”

“Why was I not informed of a council meeting?”

*Branak ignores the question*

“When will you be leaving father?”

“I won't be. I'm not as young as I once was and as a result it's also been decided that I am no longer the superior member of the Hammers. You're to leave at once, King Rengar.”




  • The Fortress of Girdlegard
  • Krell Cavern's


  • King
  • Leader of the Hammers of Moradin


Rengar Runehammer, Level 11
Dwarven Battle Cleric(Templar)/Hammer of Moradin
Cleric Option - Battle Cleric's Lore
Background - Auspicious Birth
Theme - Bloodsworn

Rituals - Amanuensis, Explorer's Fire


STR: 23
CON: 17
DEX: 13
INT: 11
WIS: 15
CHA: 19

AC: 29, FORT: 25, REF: 20, WILL: 25
HP 85, Surges 10, Surge Value 21

Trained Skills
Diplomacy +14, Heal +12, Insight +12, +Religion 10


LVL 1 Channel Divinity - Favor of the Gods, Punish the Profane
LVL 1 At-Will - Righteous Brand, Weapon of Divine Protection
LVL 1 Encounter - Healing Strike
LVL 1 Daily - Weapon of Astral Flame
LVL 2 Utility - Shielf of Faith
LVL 3 Encounter - Sacred Shielding
LVL 5 Daily - Rune of Peace
LVL 6 Utility - Stream of Life
LVL 7 Ecounter - Strengthen the Faithful
LVL 9 Daily - Divine Power
LVL 10 Utility - Word of Vigor
LVL 11 Hammer of Moradin - Hammer Throw


Ritual Caster
Dwarven Weapon Training
Battle Healer
Defensive Healing Word
Weapon Expertise (Hammer)
Mark of Warding
Improved Defenses
Last Legion Officer

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