Reshte is the infamous and almost mythical last stronghold of the Duergar, or Deep Dwarves. In ancient times the Schism Wars split the dwarves into three major groups, The Mountain Dwarves, the Hill Dwarves, and the Deep Dwarves. The Hill and Mountain dwarves have since reconciled, but the Duergar continue the ancient conflict in random spats of violence before retreating into their deep places.

No one is sure where Reshte is, but it is deep within the bowels of the world. It is said to be illuminated by the glow of magma, and hosts a vast number of slaves captured through deceit or warfare. Many of the slaves are Rock Gnomes, a small subspecies of Gnome that keep to themselves and mine gems and raise glowing mushrooms. Many on Taern believe Rock Gnomes to be mythical.

Traditionally the duergar strike out from Reshte against the Dwarven Kingdoms seldomly, with the general goal being loot and slaves rather than territory control. Recently, however, the attacks have been come more frequently. The High Priest of Moradin, Polar Lodeseeker, has spoken out about finding a way to end the conflicts and ending the wounds of the Schism Wars.

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