Deva Cleric - Adam in The Dwarf With The Mountain Beard


Ronen was trained in a monestary in the south eastern part of Taern. And though he trained vigorously, he was never quite able to attain his ultimate goal: learning the art of resurrection.

A year ago a band of Tieflings began targeting monasteries and clerics who had the ability to resurrect those that had passed on. They burned down Ronen's monestary. The elder clerics from the monestary are either dead are in hiding. Ronen never found out. He was rescued from certain doom by a mysterious dwarf. The dwarf befriended Ronen and claimed he "had never met anyone of his 'type' before"… referring to Ronen's deva descent. He traveled for a few weeks with the dwarf until the dwarf finally led him to a small cottage where an older cleric named Octorus lived. Octorus knew the art of resurrection. Seeing that Ronen was pleased, the dwarf set out on his own. Ronen had never asked his name, so he decided to do so before the dwarf left… to which the dwarf replied "I go by many names, but my friends call me Mountainbeard."

Ronen is currently training under Octorus…….but has still yet to master the art of resurrection.

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