A small hamlet near the kingdom of Buckmris. Most of the traffic through the city are travelers passing through on their way to either Buckmris or Steadhelm.

Famed for it's farming, thanks to its extraordinarily warm, stable weather. Home to the Taern landmark of Malyon's Orchard, a massive plantation that provides fruit to much of western Taern.



  • Malyon's Orchard - A large orchard maintained by the elf Malyon of Ralahur. Employs a large number of townsfolk to maintain the massive amount of trees.
  • The Mystic Tankard - Tavern ran by famed wizard and retired adventurer Verchaypth "Verch" Laekinelth.
  • Temple of Eternal Summer - Temple of Pelor, god of the Sun, and patron of Summer. The presence of the Temple provides Rosedale with some of the most stable weather on Taern, constantly warm, even in the midst of Taern's winters. The Temple has stood well before the founding of Rosedale.
  • Megan's Collectibles - A store specializing in an inventory of assorted treasures. Stock is constantly changing as new items are "acquired".
  • Steel Sharp - Town Blacksmith, and home to weaponsmith Ganoro Cogyr.
  • Temple of the Eye - A small temple devoted to the worship of Ioun, goddess of Knowledge and the Arcane.
  • The Rose Water Market - A large market in Rosedale. Thanks to the presence of the orchard, merchants come from across Western Taern to buy and sell a variety of goods. The market provides a wonderful source of information for agents from nearby towns and kingdoms as well.

Residents of Rosedale


  • Thia - Half Elf Druid (Patrick)
  • Lea - Halfling Ranger (Nancy)


  • Malyon of Ralahur - Elf from the kingdom of Ralahur, and a druid specialized in plant growth. Maintains the orchard on the northwest edge of the town of Rosedale. She is also known as an exceptional healer, both of bodies and the environment.
  • Verchaypth "Verch" Laekinelth - Green Dragonbord wizard and proprietor of The Mystic Tankard. Retired adventurer who used to travel with a group known as The Fated Five. Bears a large scar across his neck, courtesy of an ogre chieftain that the Five had a disagreement with. (The disagreement was in regards to whether or not the ogres should be killed).
  • Inaos Coren - High Priest of Pelor and leader of the Temple of Eternal Summer. Inaos is an old man, though not feeble. He provides an inspiring presence, and lights up the room that he is in. Has served as a priest of Pelor for over 50 years.
  • Megan Brewster - Owner of Megan's Collectibles, extremely shrewd businesswoman, and rumored leader of the Silent Path Thieves Guild, a guild rumored to be based in Rosedale, but not operating within the city. Her shop has a penchant for having a constant influx of rare and unique items.
  • Ganoro Cogyr - Rosedale's resident blacksmith and expert weaponsmith. A goliath that has an expert understanding of how to work metal. Usually busy with custom orders from Buckmris and Steadhelm's nobility and military leadership.
  • The Lansky Triplets - Nov, Dov, and Rov, three halflings that comprise the priests of the Temple of the Eye. Usually buried in the Temple's library. Have a knack for finishing each others sentences. Can be identified by the differing colors of Ioun Stones that orbit their heads, though few can remember which brother uses which stone.
  • Hosri Earthvictor - Dwarven Mayor of Rosedale. Elected for this third term recently, and well liked by the populace. Known for arguing with several members of the Town Council over matters of security and commerce, mainly about wanting to control expansion of the city.
  • Lyla Zenale - Councilwoman and large land owner of the areas around Rosedale. Supports large scale development of the outskirts of the town, wanting Rosedale to become a rival to Buckmris in the face of Steadhelm's downfall.
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