Rosedale - Episode 1

Servitude (Keith GM, 10/21/2013)

aka I'm Overwhelmed By Hats

Malyon's Grove is home to many things. It is home to land blessed by Pelor, to life bearing trees, and many forms of wildlife. It is home to Malyon's druidic trainees, individuals who come from all over Taern to learn how to connect with nature. It is also, on occasion, home to darkness, as forces try to break Pelor's hold on the land.

Such a darkness has taken root in the orchard, and Malyon has decided to use it as a training moment. Thia a young initiate and former priestess of Pelor, has been under Malyon's tutelage for some time now, and Malyon is interested to see just how far she has come. A tree has begun to die, and is beginning to bear dark fruit. She, and the other druids, are here to watch Thia cure it.

Unfortunately, Thia's skills have a long way to go. Thia channels fey energies through her body, but they fail to adhere to the tree.

Malyon pats Thia on the back. "Do not worry child, learning to harness the natural energies takes time and practice.". She then plants her hands into the ground, and the tree springs to life. A scream, however, disrupts the moment.

A man from the town, Percy, who works in the Mayor's office, is pinned against a tree, with Bo, Thia's bear, sniffing into his pack. The bear is not acting aggressive, but the man is in a panic. Thia calls off Bo. "I'm sorry about that. It appears you have something tasty in your pack."

"Yea…you…you shouldn't let wild animals roam around this place like that."

A moment of silence falls over the forest, as every bear/wolf/displacer beast/owl/etc in the forest tries to comprehend what they heard.

"Well…what can I help you with?"

Percy is still in a panic. "I…I just needed some apples…I think I'll get them from the Market…"

With that he takes off running.

Walking through the woods, Thia encounters a goblin. It appears the goblin has taken a bushel of apples, and is carving something into the tree.

Thia confronts the goblin. "You know, these apples are born from these trees, we would appreciate it if you would not damage them."

The goblin panics, and throws his hand over his carvings. Thia smiles. "Bo…why don't you see what our friend has been carving." The bear growls, and the goblin takes off for the town. Bo gives chase, but is unable to keep up with the goblin, and becomes distracted by the apples that the goblin has been dropping as he runs. Inside the tree, Thia finds an amethyst…that looks as though it has been used recently in some form of arcane ritual.

Bringing the gem to Malyon's attention, Malyon seems concerned. She asked Thia to go find the goblin, and get an answer, or bring him back to the orchard. Thia tells her raven, Ishta, to go find the goblin, and runs off, whistling for Bo to follow…

The Rose Water Market is a constant bustle of activity. Within the market almost anything can be procured. Every booth is trying a hard sale, doing anything that they can to get potential buyers to their booth. The variety is useful for Lea, a halfling that has recently arrived in town, as she is in need of something…a new string for her bow, as her bowstring snapped while hunting just outside of the town.

The market has a variety of exotic goods. Fine foods and wines, exotic treasures, and magnificent weaponry. Lea quickly finds a both selling "wildnerness gear"…bows, crossbows, strings, arrows, bed rolls, rope, flint and steel, and a host of other goods. The shopkeep is busy with a customer, a goblin that is attempting to buy a length of rope. He does so by handing the shopkeep a large amethyst, before scurrying off.

The shopkeep goes wide-eyed, and admires his newfound bounty. Lea realizes this is the time to get what she needs, and grabs a length of bowstring, walking off with it. Unfortunately, many people in the market have noticed the amethyst, and have focused their attention on the booth. The vendor across the path from the wildnerness shop is quick to yell out "RANDAL!! STICKY FINGERS!"

The shopkeep looks down to see Lea making off with a bowstring, and yells out for help. Two city guards draw clubs and give chase, with the shopkeep closely behind. Lea attempts to rush her way through the market, but the vast assortment of booths and goods are difficult to navigate, and she keeps finding herself getting tripped up. As soon as she finds herself free of the market, she manages to run headfirst into a large dragonborn…Balthazar Stonescale, who is on his way to the orchard to check on his pet.

"Are you ok?" The dragonborn asks. Before he can get an answer, the guards arrive.

"The girl is a thief. Hand the girl over."

"What did she steal?" Asks the dragonborn.

The vendor, Randal, steps up. "A bowstring."

"Can I pay for it?"

"Well…they normally go for five silver. But with the hassle of leaving my booth and all…I'll take a payment of five gold not to press charges."

The dragonborn nods, and pays the man. As the guard leaves, the dragonborn looks down. "There are better ways to get a bowstring…what's your name?"

"Lea" the halfling tells him.

"Well Lea, I was on my way to the orchard…"

"Can I come?" She interrupts. The dragonborn smiles, and begins to make his way to the orchard with his new companion. As they walk toward the bridge, however, they are interrupted by another small, running creature. A goblin. He slams into Balthazar. When asked what is going on, he shoves the bushel of apples into Balthazar's hands, and takes off. Following closely behind is one of Malyon's druids…Thia. Balthazar and Lea inform him where the goblin went, and make their way to the orchard.

So I told him, I told him, you best drop that girl else I'll cut you into pieces. So what does he do? Drops her and lunges at me. Had a real bloody fight, got me good in a few places. But that guy was all muscle, no brain. I took him apart. Told him "Next time I won't pull my blade. Next time I'll go straight for your vitals. That's what I told him. Coulda killed him if I wanted. Not hard to do, killin a man. Easiest thing in the world, at least for me. But he was drunk so I decided to let him live. I'm a good guy like that. That's why I'm a hero."

Joel, the town barber, has heard this story at least three times today. Not this exact same story, and not from this same braggart, but the stories all blend together. And they're all bullshit.

Looking down, the braggart's hair isn't looking to good. His talking keeps interrupting Joel's work. So Joel breaks from his normal stoic self, and asks him a single question.

"With all this fighting and adventuring you do…don't you think a shorter cut would be in order?"

The kid thinks for a minute, and pops back up. "Yea…yea I do. Thanks man"

The kid goes back to talking, another crazy story. None of these people matter though. The only person in this room that he cares about right now is the new customer that is sitting, quietly, waiting his turn for a haircut. The young boy that just walked in. The boy with the unearthly purple eyes.

Joel cuts the hair of his customers, and gets his payments, until it's the kids turn. He seems quiet, and nervous.

"J-j-j-just a t-t-trim please."

The barber is quiet, so the boy begins asking questions.

"What is your n-n-name?"

"The barber"

"Where did you get those s-s-s-scars?"

"Barber School"

"Is everyone in this town as nice as you?"

"…I hope not."

The boy pays for his trim. "Can I give you a t-t-tip?" The boy reaches in his pouch to grab something…but hesitates, and puts it back. "Stay away from the market today"

The kid leaves, and Joel says to himself "I plan on it" as he sits down and starts reading the Rosedale Post.

Helia, as part of her duties of the faithful of the church, her job is to spread the love and grace of Pelor to all who may seek it, or need it. Today, those that need his grace are those at the Rosedale jail. Many of these individuals have spent weeks or months in cells, and haven't felt the warmth of the sun in quite some time.

She is stopped by a guard in front of the jail. "Can I help you?"
"Oh…I'm just here to spread a little sunshine…and food"

The guard escorts her in.

Arriving in, she see two large holding cells. These seem like cells that hold people on short term offenses, or who haven't had a trial yet. The first cell appears to be a "drunk tank", a place for those that have gotten a bit too sauced and have cause a distrubance. As it is the middle of the day, this cell is mostly empty, save for Lloyd, one of the town drunks, who appears passed out on a cot.

Helia leaves some apples just inside his cell for him, for when he wakes up.

The second cell is a bit more populated. There are a few homeless, or beggars, that Helia has seen around the city, whom Helia distributes food and sandwiches to. The only person in this cell that she doesn't recognize is a goblin, that appears to be etching something into the far wall.

"I…I don't think they like it when you do that."

"I don't care what they think, I have to do what the master commands" The goblin curses back, in his own tongue.

"I…don't speak your language. Would you care for something to eat?"

"If I don't do what he says he will kill me." He comes back, still in his own language. He ignores Helia

"Don't mind him. He's been like this since they brought him in. Caused a disturbance in a tavern. Wasn't drunk, just was causing trouble."

"Well everyone needs Pelor's grace…"

A voice comes from the single cell next to the holding cell. These are the cells that hold "trouble" inmates, or inmates that have been convicted of crimes with longer sentences. At the moment, only one of these is filled, and it's one that everyone in the town knows. A large dragonborn named Billix, who has been accused of brutally murdering a shopkeep during a robbery.

"I can tell you who could use Pelor's grace…"

A muzzled, dragonborn snout pokes through the bars.

"Would you…care for some food? I have some lettuce…"

"How about you get this muzzle off me. I can barely breath."

"I don't think the guards would…"

Billix snorts, billowing a short burst of muzzled flames out of the cell. "The guards are assholes. Are you going to help me?"

Helia backs up, and returns to the cell, while Billix taunts her and goes back to sulking in his cell.

The goblin, who appears to be done with what he was working on, rushes to where Helia is, the far corner of the cell. "Pretty lady should go. Pretty lady doesn't need to be here."

With that, an explosion rocks the jail. The prisoners escape, with many of the prisoners, including Billix, running toward the outskirts of town, while the Goblin heads back in, toward the river.

Guards rush in. Helia, in shock, tells them "The goblin…I think he escaped…" And rushes off after him.

Maslo Underfinch,, aka Beinkt Frollihatch, the man that stole 17,000 gold worth of treasures from Lamascus, has arrived in Rosedale with 200 gold and a fancy set of clothing to his name.

He struts through the market, vendors making hard sales on him. He's dressed to kill, and has the look (Though maybe not the money) to pull off his attitude.

One of the vendors, a halfling, notices him directly, and starts making a HARD pitch.

"You there! Gnome! You look like you have fine taste! I have something for you! Something you would love."

His booth is actually easier for the gnome to see than most of the booths, as it's closer to his height. It appears he is selling a vast array of fine jewelry.

"I have something that matches your style. Your outfit. A bracelet. Finely crafted by master artisans from across the Starfall Ocean and enchanted with the energies of the legendary sea itself. This bracelet will let you levitate over whatever obstacles are in your path."

"Or if that does not please your fancy, how about a bracelet from the kingdom of Dorthone. Legend has it that this bracelet was liberated from the treasury by a foolish adventurer, and that it lets it's owner turn invisible!"

While he's on his spiel, Beinkt sort of tune him out, as he notices the stall next to him. It appears that a goblin has just bought a roll of rope. And has decided to pay with a good sized Amethyst. Beinkt not sure if the goblin just has money to burn, or if he is stupid to the point of not knowing the value of the gems in his posession, but he definitely intrigued.

He focus in highly on the shopkeep, and the goblin. The goblin appears to take off through the crowd, heading out of the market and toward the river. The shopkeep gets distracted by a shoplifter at his booth, and a huge commotion occurs. The shopkeep takes off after throwing the amethyst into a lockbox. What Beinkt fails to notice however, is that while he was so keen on what was happening the next stall over, the stall he was standing in front of has attached the bracelet to his wrist. And the bracelet appears to be chained to his stall, and Beinkt feel a hand on his shoulder.

Looking back, and there's a large Dragonborn.

"Reginald. Or is it Ignitz? Or are you Yeron today?"

"I've been tracking you for a couple of cities. Good sized bounty on your head. Felt it was worth the extra effort."

Beinkt tries to play off his innocence. "I…don't know who you are talking about.

He unrolls a wanted poster, and looks at Beinkt. "I think I have the right gnome."

"Well, he is a fine looking fellow I'm sure but…"

"You're wearing the same hat that's in the picture."

Beinkt keeps trying to spin more lies…The dragonborn is not having any of it.

"I'll be honest here though. Getting you back to Lamascus…that's a lot of work. I could be pursuaded to let you go…for….let's say a quarter of what your bounty is."
He shows Beinkt the wanted poster, with a very crude drawing of his face, and a list of crimes that he is wanted for…including the murder of several guards. The price on Beinkt's head is 10,000 gold.

Beinkt realizes he has nowhere near that much gold.

"Well fuck…"

The dragonborn sighs. Well…looks like we're going on a trip. Thanks for the help Francis.".

He tosses the halfling a small pouch of coins. As soon as the halfling grabs the coins, an explosion rocks the market. It comes from the stall with the amethyst.

The blast rocks the market, shattering windows of nearby shops, including Joel's barber shop. He calmly sweeps his store, and heads into the market to the cries of pain and panic.

He comes across a gnome struggling to get a beam from a shop off of him. The gnome struggles and passes out. Joel notices a manacle on his wrist. He calmly helps the gnome out, and drops him when he realizes that the gnome is coming too.

Beinkt wakes up, and immediately starts to grab whatever goods he can. Joel is disgusted.

Somehow Joel comes out with two extra hats, and a variety of random goods (Including a small fishing pole). He checks to make sure he isn't being followed (He is, by Joel), and heads off toward the river, away from the blast.

Thia has tracked the goblins to a back alley that border the river. One, the one from the orchard, appears nervous. The other is checking a watch. They are arguing with each other in goblin.

"When are they going off?"

"Soon, couple of minutes."

"Is Plex in place?"

"Yes, I told you this a thousand times already. He got himself arrested and got into the jail."

"I don't think we should have put one in the orchard. It seemed nice…"

"Don't talk like that. You know the boss hears us. We do what he says. We get out of here alive. Our families get let go. That's the deal."

Thia, attempting to sneak up on the goblins, realizes that neither she, nor Bo, are the most stealthy of individuals. The goblins draw swords and scream at her in goblin.

"What are you doing here? Why are you following?"

"I don't speak your language…I just came to bring you back to the orchard."

The goblin from the orchard smiles. "Trust us, you don't want to be there. Things about to get bad."

Thia realizes what they mean, and pulls out the crystal, which has begun to pulse with energy. The goblins go wide eyed as Thia tosses the crystal at them. They panic, and kick the amethyst into the water right as it explodes. They rush off, toward the jail, as Thia gives chase.

At the Orchard, Balthazar is introducing Lea to his pet, Kha'Zix, when the blasts rip through the city. The market appears to be hit, as well as the city center…and the area that the druid was last seen heading to.

Lea is worried, mostly about the bear that was following the druid. "We should go check on the bear and see if he's ok…"

Balthazar nods, and heads into town.

They find the location of the scuffle, and find the tracks Thia left. They follow, catching up with the druid, and the goblins.

The three goblins have converged in an area near the River. They have inadvertently gotten themselves surrounded, as their three exits are enclosed by the party. The goblins, in a panic, draw their swords.

Helia is the first to try to resolve the situation. "There is no need to be scared. I know the explosions scared everyone, but…"

Thia cuts her off. "They caused the explosions, isn't that right goblins?"

More cursing in their language. "We have to do what he says."

Beinkt, fearful of this situation, has raised his hands and is attempting to back away, only to back into Joel. His ill-gotten goods fall from his packs, and his manacle is exposed.

One of the goblins speaks up in common. "Who can get that off of him??!?!"

Beinkt looks, and realizes that he is able to pick the lock himself, and tells the goblin this fact. The goblin proceeds to tackle him. He reveals a bracelet on his wrist with an amethyst that has begun to pulse. "IF YOU GET THIS OFF OF ME I WILL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!"

One of the other goblins becomes irate. Screaming in goblin, he yells out "YOU KNOW HE'LL KILL US FOR THIS! HE HEARS US YOU IDIOT!"

The two remaining goblins draw swords, and charge at the goblin. Bo tackles one to the ground, while the other manages to stab the panicked goblin. Joel grabs him by the throat, and carries him off to the river. Beinkt tries to get the bracelet off, but breaks his lockpicks, ruining the lock.

Helia panicks, and grabs the first thing she can think of from her pack…butter. She coats the goblin wrist, and pulls with all of Pelor's might aiding her, breaking the goblin's hand, but removing the bracelet, throwing it into the river.

Beinkt manages to unlock the bracelet from the second, while Joel takes the third to the river to kill him. The one Joel is carrying closes his eyes, and reveals them to be an unearthly shade of purple.

"It's a shame. I really liked those goblins. They had potential. I still like this city though…"

Joel shoves the goblin into the river as his bracelet explodes. He places his socks and shoes on the bank to dry, and rolls up a cigarette .

The two remaining goblins are shell shocked, but relieved. One slowly begins to talk.

"Our village was taken over. By a man and his machines. He controls people. Don't know if the man I saw was the one that controls us, or a poor man like us. Uses people from our village to disrupt a city. Then sends in a bigger force. Your city is in danger. He's coming. He never waits long after we're done."



  • 20 gold
  • Small fishing pole
  • Extra lockpick set
  • Torch
  • Two new stylish hats
  • Stylish Manacle


  • New Bowstring

Two Goblins, Slig and Yix


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