Rosedale Episode 2

Defiance (Keith GM 11/4/2013)

Or, Do I Have a Tree For You!

Mayor Hosri Earthvictor and the city council of Rosedale have requested the presence of the individuals who helped capture the goblins responsible for the attack on the city in order to debrief them about the events that have just occurred. They have been briefed on the rumor of an attack, but would like some more information regarding what just happened.

Five of these heroes sit in a waiting room, waiting for the council to bring them in. Inside, bits of yelling can be heard.

"…This is why I keep saying you have no interest in protecting this city. How long have I said we needed to raise taxes? How long have I said we needed to build a wall? Hell Hosri our guards carry clubs for pete's sake. We can't even give them swords."

Two guards appear from the outside. They appear to be "escorting" a gnome, the same gnome from earlier. One of the guards goes inside the chamber, and then motions for the group to come in.

Inside are six individuals. One, a dwarf, is very recognizable, Mayor Earthvictor. The other five are members of the city council, and are prominent business men and women from the town.

One of the guards hands Hosri a scroll, and some paperwork, and he greets the group.

"So I understand that we have the six of you to thank for apprehending the culprits of the attacks on our city, is that correct?"

The gnome, Beinkt, interjects. "It was mostly me. They helped some." The dwarf makes some notes, and continues on.

After bringing the mayor up to speed, he informs the group that the goblins are in custody in the jail, in some of the few cells that weren't damaged. He states that he's not sure if they are telling the truth or not about an upcoming attack, but that "We need to be prepared. As you know, Rosedale isn't really built to fend off an attack. We have no walls, and no protection. We'll need every man and woman to aid in the defense of the city."

When the matter of pay comes up, Joel matter of factly states that "I'll need a new window. I'm the barber. Need a window for my shop."

Beinkt, on the other hand, wants to bargain for his services. "Do we get paid now, or is there a stipend, or…"

Hosri cuts him off. "Ah yes, Mr…what is your name again? Mr. Frollihatch right? We know all about you." The dwarf unfurls a scroll, it's the same wanted poster from earlier. "The way we see this, you can not help us, and enjoy sharing a jail cell with one of the goblins, and if we survive the attack, you will be escorted to Lamascus. Or…you can help defend the city that you belong to, Mr. Frollihatch, and after we survive, you can go back to living at your house at 18 Brookford Street, where you have lived for the past several years, and anyone that says otherwise will have to answer to me."

"Of…Of course."

Helia interjects. "We expect to see you at the temple every Sunday"

The group disperse, mostly eager to prepare the city for any sort of upcoming attack.

Helia's first thought is to the orphans that she helps take care of on the streets of Rosedale. Going to check on them, with Lea close behind, she notices that one of the kids, Igthibit (Or Iggy as the other kids call him) is being much quieter than usual. When asked about what is wrong by the pair, Iggy tells them that a young boy with purple eyes yelled at him when they tried to get him to play with the group, and called him so very nasty names. Understanding the seriousness of such an individual being spotted in the town, Helia has the children head to her house, where they can eat all the cake that they want, and to stay safe. They then head to the location that Iggy ran into the kid…a hotel called The Nest.

Inside, they come across the very gossipy clerk, Tyna. After a bit of small talk, the topic comes to the kid with the purple eyes.

"Oh! I knew something was weird about that kid. Been moving a lot of crates in and out of his room, said he is selling things in the market. Weird character. I think he's gone right now."

Helia becomes serious. "Tyna we need to get into that room somehow."

Tyna produces a key. "Don't tell anyone that I'm doing this for you, but if it's as important as you make it out to be I'll help you anyway I can."

The room is at the end of the hall, but in a section with no windows. The pair of Helia and Lea have no choice but to go in through the door. Using the key, they crack the door…and notice several crystals lining the door frame, that have begun to pulse with a white light. Helia, in front, freezes. "Go get Tyna to get everyone out of here. And get help." Lea bolts out the door, and after running into a guard, manages to bring back an old dragonborn that owns a tavern in town. Verchaypth "Verch" Laekinelth, member of The Fated Five, a group of adventurers that saved Rosedale twenty years ago.

They arrive to find Helia still frozen in place. Verch reassures her. "If they haven't blown up yet, they probably aren't going to." He walks past her, into the room.

Inside the room are several empty crates, with two that appear to be about 7-8 feet long. There are a few bracelets in one large crate, with an odd writing on the band. There are also sketches of Rosedale, with three purple X's marking the locations that were bombed. There is also a circle around the city, with the center point fixed on a residence near the river.

Verch picks up one of the bracelets…a simple copper band with the sigil of Pelor on the front. "Recognize these?"

Helia's face goes white. "No…"

Verch nods. "They were selling in the market. Claimed it was the church selling them for fundraising. I gave no thought to it. Cute kid selling them…"

A blast of energy rushes through the town. It causes no damage, but it floods the area with arcane power.

At the Orchard, the druids seem busy scouring the woods for any further signs of tampering, and Malyon is busy preparing a ritual.

"Thia, it is good to see you. I need help, I need you go gather up as many rose petals as possible. I'm preparing a ritual to prepare the orchard."

Thia nods, and heads off through the woods. Wild roses grow all through the region, especially in the orchard, so it's easy to collect a large amount.

Thia finds herself close to the tree that was damaged by the goblin attempting to place the arcane gem to damage the orchard. It looks different…warped…dark.

As Thia approaches, branches wrap around her, and begin to crush her. Bo attacks as well, meeting a similar fate.

Thia is only saved by her staff, turning it into a large shillelagh, and prying the branches free. As other druids arrive to help, Thia manages to bring the tree down. Inspecting the tree, and it's wound, Thia comes across a presence she has experienced, but only in her former duties as a priest. The power of Vecna.

Dropping off the petals, Malyon prepares the ritual, causing a large briar wall to arise around the Orchard. As she starts the ritual though, a blast of arcane energy pulses through the Orchard from town. Realizing something is wrong, Malyon climbs on Bo, and rides into the center of town.

Joel arrives back at his shop, with the window and door partially "fixed". Boarded up, not acceptable.

No customers. Everyone too on edge.

Joel isn't pleased by the situation the city of Rosedale has placed him in.

One of the councilwomen shows up at his door, promises to fix everything. To put it right. More promises.

A pulse of energy rips through the city. More trouble.

At 18 Brookford Street, Beinkt fines a nice, simple cottage near the orchard, but with a locked door. Managing to easily get into the lock, he finds a well furnished house. Lightly stocked pantry, bed, closet. He finds several hidden compartments in the house, though they are empty.

"Do you like it?" A female voice comes from the door.

"The house is mine, but it's yours to use if we get through this attack."

"I've heard about you. The gnome that stole a fortune from one of the Milner's shipments in Lamascus. You've got quite a few people looking for you. Every city that my men work in see your wanted posters."

"You've got the wrong guy, I'm just…"

"Cut it, I don't care. I'm here to offer you a job…provided we survive the week. My men make a point of acquiring goods…and bringing them to me to sell. My name is Megan Brewster. You work for me, you get protected by me, you get supplied by me, and you get protected by me. We don't work in the city, we don't have a lot of strict rules, I just take a cut of your earnings and fence your goods."

"Do I have a choice?"

Megan smiles. "No. Enjoy the house."

As Beinkt is busy getting comfortable, and storing his goods, a pulse of light washes through the house. Beinkt heads to the market, to see if he can get some new goods.

Scouting a hill outside of town to the south, Balthazar sees the invading army that the town is expecting. Rushing to the town, to warn of the impending attack, he is confronted by a blinding flash that washes through the city.

Coming into town, he sees citizens fighting other citizens, and guards fighting everyone. Two individuals, each wearing bracelets, turn their attention to the dragonborn, with blank looks on their face. Disabling the two, Balthazar makes his way into the center of town.

The entire group has appeared here, trying to disable/control the citizenry that has taken arms against their fellow townsfolk. Lea lets an arrow fly, but misses her mark, hitting Beinkt.

Gaining a modicum of control on the situation, Helia produces the map from The Nest, and leads the group there in the hopes of finding the source of all the trouble

Outside the house are two large, metal guardians. Lea and Joel take to the roofs to provide covering fire, while Helia circles around behind, and the rest confront the creatures. Attempting to reason with them, they are met by raised swords.

The guardians are quickly defeated. Looking through the window, they see the child that Iggy had mentioned in the room, with a large urn. In the midst of a debate on how to go about entering the building, Balthazar opts for the quick route, and throws Beinkt through the window, as Joel opens the door.

Inside, there is a young boy with unnaturally purple eyes. He appears to have a bracelet similar to the one the goblins had. In the center of the room is a large glass jar, with a crystal floating in a substance inside the jar. The crystal is glowing and spinning.

"So you f-f-f-found me. It's a shame, I was hoping you w-w-w-ouldn't find me until they arrived…"

The group hears a blast from the south of the city, and the boy smiles.

"Oh…r-r-right on time."

Joel and Balthzar quickly disable the boy, though it takes much more damage than it should have to kill the child. The bracelet on his arm begins to glow, and a necklace falls from his body, bearing a sigil that isn't recognized by the group.

Joel takes the boy to the river, attempting to dump him before the bracelet explodes, but doesn't quite make it in time…his body lays on the banks of the river, burned from the arcane blast.

The rest of the group head to the southern entrance of town, with the urn and the sigil, to take out what they perceive to be the rest of the invading force.

Arriving, they find Verch, winded, amongst dozens of destroyed mechanical soldiers.

Presenting him the urn, he quickly smashes it, causing most of the citizenry to return to normal.

When shown the sigil, Verch acknowledges it. "That's the sigil of House Martin…they are famous knights that protect the town of Wheatwick. That…doesn't bode well."


"Wood on wood, better than metal on metal" -Patrick

"Look out, there's one around here with a bow." -Beinkt

"I actually have an attack called life ending strike. Just saying…it seems appropriate." -Shane

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