Scarlet Keep

The keep serving as a base of operations for The Scarlet Thread, a group of adventurers in western Taern. Located between Rastonia and the edge of the Vadan Empire, the Keep has found itself a victim to Vada's recent expansion. Was heavily damaged while under siege from Vada, during their capture of Hope Nemeia.


  • Portcullis - Missing (6,000 GP to replace with a wooden portcullis, 15,000 GP to replace with an iron portcullis) - The Portcullis protecting the keeps outer walls was stolen sometime before the Vadan siege. No damage occured to the exterior walls of the Keep during the theft. Entrance was boarded up with a makeshift door, that was destroyed during the siege.
  • Eastern Wall - Crumbling (10,000 GP to fix) - Damaged by siege weaponry during the Vadan siege.
  • Roof - Crumbling, several rooms unusable (10,000 GP to fix) - Damaged by siege weaponry during the Vadan siege.
  • Front Door - Destroyed by battering ram. (2,500 GP to replace)
  • Entry Hall, Great Hall, bathing room - Decor and furniture ransacked and destroyed.
  • Cooking Heart - Damaged (1,500 GP to fix). Prep areas missing, cookware missing.
  • Vault Door - Destroyed (15,000 GP to replace)
  • Forge - Emptied out. Need replacement forge, anvil, and a blacksmith to run it.
  • Stables - Emptied out.
  • Pantry - Empty
  • Buttery - Empty
  • Larder - Empty

Proposed additions

  • It has been suggested that ballistae be installed to protect the keep from further sieges. Installation of ballistae to the existing keep will cost 5,000 GP per ballista, and will require the hiring/training of 2 individuals per ballista to operate.
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