An expansive continent located in the world of Seldren. Home to a vast array of civilizations, from mighty Empires and Kingdoms of legend to nomadic tribes. Selden has seen it's landscape devastated time and time again, yet the various people that call Selden their home manage to survive.

Bordered on the west and south by the Starfall Ocean, the east by the Serpent's Sea, and the north by the frozen Sea of Ladorth.

Notable Cities

  • Lindure - The definitive city of wealth in Selden, a city so rich that not even the violent Starfall Ocean could stop it's expansion. Stays out of the affairs of the other nearby kingdoms, at least on the surface, the city of Lindure has put itself in an unusual place of power. The city is needed by all of the other surrounding Kingdoms, yet true friend to none.
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