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A paladin and member of the Order of the Silver Scale. Much of the tragedy of the Silver Scale centers around Seras. It was he that sold out his holy brothers for a reward that came from an unknown source. All that is known is that Seras was bought out by enemies of the elves and was hired for the soul task of assassinating King Eldros of Dorthone. In the process, Seras murdered most of the Order, including the renowned Roland Lighthammer, a champion of the Great War.

According to the elves of Dorthone, Seras was responsible for ensuring the security of the king's food. During his stay in Dorthone, Seras overlooked the palace kitchen in what he said was an attempt to keep the king from being poisoned. Ironically, it was poison that took the king's life. A kitchen worker claimed to have saw Seras slip something in the king's wine as he was taking the breakfast tray up to the king's quarters. Seras had previously confiscated the tray from the cook who prepared it because he was not the head cook, who was out sick (which according to the kitchen workers has never happened before). The head cook was to be the only person responsible for preparing the king's meals. The cook that replaced him that fateful morning claimed to be the head cook's brother. Seras took the opportunity to take the breakfast tray, poison it, and deliver it to the king personally.






Former member of the Order of the Silver Scale. Also an assassin for hire.




  • Any other surviving member of the Silver Scale.

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