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Seth came from a wealthy family of merchants and gardeners on Feldun. He was the youngest child, and was doted on by loving parents. These same loving parents also happened to be some of the most vicious merchants on Feldun, having little time for moral qualms while decimating their rivals economically. Thus he grew up with no sense of right and wrong; only to do what you need to do to get the things you want for yourself as efficiently as possible, and a love for pretty plants.

This drive for material gain brought him somewhere else entirely, however. An old assassin, part of an age old order of assassin mercenaries, impressed with Seth's knowledge of various herbs, especially rather deadly ones, offered him training at a young age. In return Seth and his family would provide the assassin with as many alchemical supplies as he would need. This proved to be a worthwhile trade, for as the youngest child Seth couldn't inherit the business.

Seth took to the training keenly. He took no particular pleasure in killing, though he didn't abhor it either. It was a means to an end. And then, when he felt like he knew enough, he made another rather good business decision for his family. Slipping a concoction of herbs into the mulled wine of his master that made him choke on his own tongue, he freed them from at least thirty more years of herbal debt.

And so Seth hired his services out as a mercenary assassin, while maintaining a beautiful garden around his modest house on Feldun. He traveled with the likes of Lanks Longtooth, Winona Ryder, Quartz Boneshredder, and Kinson Ravenlock during this time, making good money on spider venom and fire beetle sacs, and got involved with a confrontation with Veilos Veelos Vailos Velos Valos. This group split up when Winona went bat shit insane and became a pirate, and so Seth traveled to mainland Taern.

His main search at this time was a source of mummy dust; an alchemical ingredient that you couldn't really garden. It was a key ingredient in a rather deadly mixture of disintegration dust. This lead him to be hired by Rasvan, and becoming a rather reluctant member of the "Wrong Party".

Their job was to capture a woman called Prudence. They captured her and her sister, and at this time Seth was disgusted with the methods of the rest of the party. Not professional at all, he thought. They distracted themselves with setting things on fire and killing random bystanders rather than focusing on the job at hand. This was Seth's first introduction to Chaotic Evil.

When they returned victorious, he took the payment and decided it was high time to get the hell home. He traveled away from Razvan's castle in the middle of the night as the fateful wedding began. Then he blacked out and woke up as a skull. It's all been downhill from there.

Luckily, due to the machinations of Uldan the Stormsworn Seth got a new body, albeit one that is little more than a skeleton with skin on it. So now he wraps himself in thick clothes and a cloak, and keeps his face behind a mask. Due to his monstrous new form, he must stay with the Wrong Party for the time being; ironically it is the only safe port for him at the moment.


It's Complicated


Assassin, Gardener


The Wrong Party


  • Several Towns around Razvan's castle.
  • Veilos Veelos Vailos Velos

Long Term Goals

  • Wealth.
  • Return to a more human looking form.
  • Find a reliable source of mummy dust.

Short Term Goals

  • Not die (again) to the insanity that comprises The Wrong Party
  • Get Wilt to stop gnawing on his leg.
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