A kingdom of various races, though mostly human, in the midwest region of Taern.

Known predominately for its horsebreeding, and athletic events, Steadhelm is a nation of old values, with many of the citizens possessing strong moral character. Rarely has Steadhelm been involved in bloodshed for too long, usually acting as a peacekeeper between other nations, and its location in the middle of Taern only increases its peaceful political stance with other kingdoms. Unfortunately Steadhelm has seen itself steadily losing ground financially and politically to its West coast neighbor, the ever expanding Buckmris.


Steadhelm is the originator of the race across the Desert of Ankarch which has become popularly known as The Ankarch Desert Death Race, due in no small part to the high mortality rate of the participants. The race itself is a great source of income and tourism to the Kingdom of Steadhelm.

The reliance on the race is part of an ongoing tragedy within the Kingdom. It had been a few years since the assassination of the King of Steadhelm, sad enough news in itself but combined with the news that the Queen was with child upon the King's death. It was with great joy that the citizens of Steadhelm would open their arms up for a new heir after such great sadness.

But perhaps due to fear and paranoia brought upon by her husband's murder, the Queen never allowed any to look upon her child, The Princess of Steadhelm. It is said that only a trusted gardener was ever to have looked upon the child, being put to the task of growing a garden wall that would give the Queen and her child some comfort from further plots.

Many citizens disagreed with the Queen's protection of the Princess, seeing it as Steadhelm showing weakness and fear to other nations. But they could still begrudgingly accept her reasoning, wanting to protect her daughter.

It was mere days before that year's Ankarch Race when tragedy struck again. The Queen had been brutally tortured and then murdered, behind her garden walls, and The Princess kidnapped. Shockingly the gardener admitted to committing the murder.

It was then decided that he would replace another prisoner set to be The Sacrifice of Steadhelm during that year's race. Unfortunately the Steadhelm racing team finally perished, after six straight appearances in the race, a rare feat for a sporting event so deadly.

The Kingdom of Steadhelm mourn the end of a family line, but hope remains that the presumed murderer, the evil gardener, perished along with the race team. For now, the citizens watch as different noble families attempt to seize control of the nation, while many citizens have begun to leave for the neighboring west coast nation of Buckmris, and Steadhelm's army marches to the East and The Mountains of Misplacement for a battle that may ultimately decide Steadhelm's fate…

Meanwhile some scavengers come crawling in from the desert…

Season One


  • Aegor Rockcastle
  • Finbar the Traveler
  • Finn -
  • Malakai
  • Mathan
  • Nowhere
  • Pock Thompson
  • SHANE's Minotaur Runepriest
  • Vangar


  • Ackbar
  • Clint
  • Sonja
  • Viashev Bladewing

Episode 1 - Death In The Desert (Mike GM - 1/16/10)

Episode 2 - A Chance For Rain & Gold (Mike GM - 1/23/10)

Episode 3 - Out of the Rain, Into Steadhelm (Jon GM - 1/26/10)

Episode 4 - The Halfling's Mission (Adam GM - 1/26/10)

Episode 5 - The Visitor and The Vampires (Adam GM - 2/5/10)

Episode 6 - Knife to the Head (Mike GM - 2/5/10)

Episode 7 - Finbar's Fears (Mike GM - 3/5/10)

Episode 8 - To Finbar, Pock Too (Mike GM - 3/19/10)

Episode 9 - Rockcastle With The Dwarf (Mike GM - 4/2/10)

Episode 10 - The Mentor and The Two Apprentices (Mike GM - 4/2/10)

Episode 11 - The Treaty of Hillsboro (Mike GM - 4/2/10)

Episode 12 - Last Day in Dorthone, First Night in Steadhelm (Mike GM - 4/2/10)

Episode 13 - Infection (TBD GM -TBD)

Episode 14 - Malakai And the Children of Steadhelm (Mike GM - TBD)

Episode 15 - The Other Beard (Mike GM - TBD)

Episode 16 - Pock Thompson Is On His Own (Mike GM - TBD)

Episode 17 - The Placeholder (Mike GM - TBA)

Episode 18 - The Trespass (Mike GM - TBD)

Episode 19 - The Reparation (Mike GM - TBD)

Episode 20 - The Census (Mike GM - TBD)

Episode 21 - Five (Mike GM - TBD)

Episode 22 - Longest Night (Mike GM - TBA)

  • What is Dareth (now known as The Destroyer) up to in the desert?
  • What is the knife, and when will Vangar attempt to investigate its properties again, despite the vision?
  • Who sent the knife to Viashev Bladewing when he ruled Steadhelm?
  • Why is Malakai thwarting Mathan's army recruitment of Steadhelm's youth?
  • What is the purpose of the roomful of bodies Aegor saw in the abandoned complex south of the city?
  • Who caused the drought that left a ship abandoned in the canyons known as the Northern Sink?
  • Who is smuggling the children that are in the abandoned ship, and to where?
  • Who are the true people of Hillsboro, the vampires or the cave dwellers?
  • What is Mathan's trap, that somehow involves his protege Sonja?
  • What will Finbar's census turn up?
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